Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I don’t think I respect anyone I work with.


So I’m stuck in a difficult position where I’ve been made to do a job which I hate, and never even gave my full consent for doing it. It was a bit vague.

Person X: ‘Hey do you want to do more of what Person Y is doing!’

Me: ‘Yeah, sure’

One week later:

Person X: ‘Oh btw, Person Y is leaving and you’re going to be doing their job now.’

Me: ‘Oh, ok’

After one full week I absolutely hate it and I’ve gone from enjoying coming into work every day to absolutely dreading it. I can do the actual work perfectly fine, BUT I also have to speak to other people on the phone from another department, and one of them is really unpleasant and bites my head off every time I call. I’m not equipped to dealing with people like this. It’s just this one thing, using the phone, which I CANNOT cope with. I have no idea what I’m/they’re talking about most of the time because I haven’t really been sufficiently trained (in my opinion) and it’s always an unusual situation thrown at me every time, so I’m always at my wits end. And I have social anxiety.

The thing is, apparently it turns out I don’t even have to do this job if I don’t want to, but on the other hand it’s a ‘better’ job than what I did before and everyone’s made me feel good about myself for the fact I was chosen for it. I can do all the non-phone aspects of it, but there’s a difference between can doing something and wanting to do something, and I really hate doing this. It’s having an effect on my mental health and afaik I’m not even being paid more for it (not much important info seems to be communicated here, haven’t seen or signed any documents). Even as I’m typing this up on my phone I’m crapping myself as my shift is about to start.

So I might speak to my manager about it and ask if I can go back to doing what I did before, but this has also been largely the problem for reasons I’ve stated above. But I’m scared it might be too late, and if I go back to doing what I did before, I might get treated like shit even more for being ‘such a disappointment’ and letting everyone down, even though it seems like they just couldn’t be bothered to actually interview someone for the job, as it is completely different to what I did before. And maybe it might look less good on my CV, idk?

What a brilliant start to the new year this has been!


Very confusing all this. Do you think if you stick with the job you will settle into it? All jobs are weird and you feel out of your depths for a good few months…sometimes a year before you fully settle in.

If you do decide to carry on with it then address the issues now before its too late

Ask for an updated contract, ask if you will see a pay increase now the job has more responsibility

See if there is anything you can do about the phone issue, can you go and speak to the person that is making it hard face to face? They may also just be bad on the phone

Good luck


this has done me


Can you imagine what it did to my entire department, half of whom are being made redundant, implemented by the person who wrote out that advert?


Only saw this now, cracking work.


I don’t have to do it but my manager REALLY wants me to do it, that’s the problem. I’m scared of disappointing her.

And my manager is pretty unpleasant as well.

First week was fine but last week was unbelievably awful.

Really thinking of just handing my notice in because I honestly can’t cope. I know that’s not ideal but I am finding this very tough. The whole thing’s a fucking nightmare.

I’m not planning on staying here for long, never was in the first place.


I’m on my break now and even the first few hours have been absolutely terrible.


Our office move has been delayed by a week and if I hear one more tired Brexit metaphor on the subject I’m going to burn both offices down and have done with it.


The company that’s making me redundant (and half our department) has a scheme whereby we have access to £2k’s worth of help from an agency in finding a new job.

Management requested personal email addresses and phone numbers from us on 21 December to give to this company for that purpose.

Two weeks into the new year and two weeks until we’re out of here for good and none of us have heard a thing about it. I got in touch with them and they said that our company hasn’t referred any of us to them yet. FFF! Seriously?!


Getting very few hours at work, what should I do? Other than look for a new job. Usually I get 16-20 hours a week, it was 10 this week and next week it’s 4. :zipper_mouth_face:


Look for a job. Sign up to every agency. Get emails daily with current vacancies. Go for it. I was in a similar position a while ago. Got a full time job, security, at least until redundancies were made three years later. And now I’m doing the same. Treating looking for a job as a job in itself.


A card got sent round yesterday.
I asked who the card was for.
The card was for the cleaner because she made a cake for the people of our floor.

WHAT. Peak office card.


that’s a really nice gesture imo


I’m a bit dubious about the cake. Who just makes a cake? For no reason? For people they’ve never met?!


infuriating, this


I don’t like eating home made things as a general rule unless I’m quite close to them. It will definitely have piss and cat hairs in it, and that doesn’t warrant a card by any stretch of the imagination.


We got the cleaner at our work a birthday cake and she cried as she had never had one before

Just about the saddest moment ever.


Seriously, any time you get a chance to do something nice for an office cleaner, do it. The shit they have to put up with has to be seen to be believed.


Oh god this isn’t me being mean to cleaners!!

We have about 10 cards and collections go round a month.