Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Thank you for this Nick. I’ve had an email from the agency trying to explain it all now and saying the PAYE rate is actually £4 p/h lowerz but yeah this was never properly explained to me.

My holiday pay is an extra 13% supposedly included. I’m already now in a position where I’m a bit worse off than in my last job, but the fact I won’t get paid for leave now is really going to sting


This is how I’ve pretty much always worked. Don’t think it’s morally wrong particularly (in additional to employer NI you also pay VAT and corporation tax) but it is certainly more convenient/flexible if you are freelance.

@Scott_Chegg - how long are you planning on contracting in this manner? There are set up costs to forming your own limited company, but it would save you money long term if its likely to be a longer term arrangement…


No worries mate.

But yeah, it’s all a bit of a con trying to sucker you in with a ‘high’ rate. I’m sure sometimes the agencies have connections to the umbrella companies so are just making more money off it that way.




That’s really useful to know, thanks.

Honestly I don’t know. I don’t think it’ll be worth it at this point because yeah I’m fairly sure I’ll jump ship at the earliest possible moment!


Oh, FFS. I send an email asking my boss to have a word with another team because they’re ignoring emails, and rather than doing that he just replies ccing in the manager of that team leaving my original complaint in it’s entirety! Thank goodness I held back a bit in what I wrote :confused:


Ooh that’s an all-time top tenner that one.


This is fucking killer and happens way too often. I always tone down what I’m saying on email for this reason.

Not the same thing but that just made me remember in a previous job, someone emailed a manager asking “When are you firing this cunt?”. But the employee in question and the manager shared a first name and the email ended up being sent to the employee instead. Awful.


I speculatively asked my manager if work would be willing to pay for me to go back to uni and get a degree i want, that would benefit me and not my employer.

Obviously expected to be told to fuck off.

Nah. The bastards are full on behind it. Now i gotta go through all the hassle of working out how I’m gonna hold down a full time job while studying.

So irked.


Why are they willing to do that?


I can only assume they’re appeasing me so i stop moaning about things like worker’s rights.


Not having a pop or anything, gona read back through the thread. Assuming I’ve missed something. Good on you if you’re winning the battle.


I’m not winning any battles. Well just this one, i guess.

This whole thing was just a humble brag, really.


Fair play, by all means make the most of it if it’s what you want/can cope with


Be careful of the terms of doing this. Some places tie you in. For example if you don’t stay for 2 years after completion you’re liable for the cost


i am so bored in this job. it’s the kind of boredom that causes an actual ache, deep in your soul. the boredom of knowing you are wasting your life doing this shit. it makes you feel stressed and you contemplate injuring yourself deliberately so you don’t have to be here. boredom so bad that after an hour you feel like you’re in a waking coma, and your brain has turned to mud, and it’s impossible to feel anything because you are so numb, save for the soul crushing irritation caused by the people around you. when the boredom manifests as horrified nausea, because you know can’t leave for X amount of hours but your mind can’t possibly take another second of this. boredom at the atomic, molecular level, where seconds and minutes seem like gigantic mountains you have to climb over only to find another gigantic mountain waiting for you. jesus fucking christ.


Are you applying for new jobs?


i’m stuck cos we’re waiting for the okay to move to oz and idk whether to look elsewhere, by the time i start the new job it might be time to put my notice in and i don’t want them saying i wasted their time or something.


Limbo is the worst


Remember you only work two days: the day you go in and the day you go out. :wink:

[Actually in general you hardly do any work on either of those days either.]