Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Don’t worry. Already asked about that. No strings attached apparently.

They say that now…


Think I just really annoyed someone by asking lots of questions (that they couldn’t answer) on a training call. I’m almost certain that they hung up the call and had a moan about me. :smile:


Work won’t change my taxcode, HMRC won’t help change my tax code despite them telling me what it should be, and ughhhh bleurgh. I don’t mind the idea of a big fat rebate cheque come the summer, but it would be nice to able to pay my rent AND afford beans on toast in the same month. AND HOW FUCKING MUCH am I paying into the auto enrol pension? Christ alive. Wish I’d never actually looked at my payslip now.

Was happy just getting by, now it’s stressed me out :rofl:


spent about 4 months on a development that was nearly finished but now they’re saying it isn’t needed, but might be, at some point, because of something else that might be developed in the next 9 months-undefined period, but also might not happen, maybe.
The business analyst was very angry about it not going ahead but I’m on codeine meds today so was just like “oh, cool, no worries whenever”


I have a really annoying team leader type person who can’t let anyone say anything without chipping in with her additional, unnecessary spin on it. It makes my blood boil, absolute control freak.


Is it not just a small percentage of your wage?

If the number is big it implies you are getting paid a lot.

Think you can opt out.


And pre-tax…


FFS. Is it “chat really loudly and hold meetings at your desk” day?

I’m glad I’ve got a pair of earplugs at work. No way I’d be able to concentrate otherwise.


I think I’ve fucked up and that I’m gonna lose my job.

I basically answered back and stood up for myself when my manager told me off for something which was not my fault (she was rude then, well, I was quite rude back). Now I’m worried she’s going to report me. I might be in a vulnerable place because my probation hasn’t finished yet, I don’t know but unison are looking into it but it’s taking a while.

Fuck, I’m really worried now.


It sounds like this isn’t the job for you anyway! I hope you don’t get sacked but looking for other jobs either way would be a good idea


is it directly with the nhs? or through an agency?


also any union rep worth their salt would get a complaint dismissed citing her behaviour and then move to have her investigated by HR


Depends what we’re counting as small surely. My friend has something like a 15% pension, which will be good in the future but right now definitely makes it harder to pay off his present day bills.

(I don’t really understand how pensions work)


Yeah, through the NHS.

The person I’m speaking to seems really efficient and I’ve already told her about my manager’s behaviour and she agrees with me. She already knows my job in huge detail so presumably this exact sort of thing has happened before.


Also worth bearing in mind I have quite a long diary of events now in which my line manager has been rude, vs. the one moment today where I was just defending myself and trying to explain what happened.


Auto enrolment is 3 percent…anything above that is put in by choice so if people are struggling to pay off bills then they must have chosen a “more secure” future over a nicer current life

Think its going up to 5 percent soon (which will be annoying) but not sure


Here you go

As of 6 April 2018, the minimum contributions for the workplace pension increased.

Date effective Employer minimum contribution Staff contribution Total minimum contribution
Currently until 5 April 2019 2% 3% 5%
6 April 2019 onwards 3% 5% 8%


But we’re not able to take action until next week, my probation ended either at the start of this month or will end at the start of next month, because it might be at the ‘end of month 6’ rather than ‘6 months after starting’.


hehe, you have nowt to worry about. unless you really fuck up, like i mean killing someone levels of fucking up, you’ll probably be fine.


Really? I’m quite scared this time I have messed up (I also deliberately gave a very disgruntled look after I got told off and I think she picked up on it). I’m paranoid she’s turned the whole office against me. I’m actually quite scared of going back to work in 5 mins once my break is over…