Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I’ve got to be more careful


honestly i would love your case if i was still a rep. a well kept diary detailing bullying by a manager who can’t take employees pushing back a tad? golden.


she told you off for something that wasn’t your fault (1), iirc she has done this before? and this is after weeks of constant nagging and unfair treatment (2). you couldn’t abide it anymore and pushed back. idk how you spoke to her, maybe it was excessively harsh. these things always mortify us in retrospect anyway. as long as you didn’t smash up the office and piss on the windows, i think any reasonable senior staff or HR bod would look at this, note the fact you felt compelled to keep a diary and involve a union, and conclude she had it coming.

i once walked out of a shift halfway through the day because i’d had enough of 2 managers in particular. i went home, contacted my union. pharmacy were telling me i was sacked for going AWOL, etc. luckily i’d kept a diary, like you, and by the time our HR and unison-mediated meeting the next morning ended and the HR rep had read the diary, i was scott free.


Not a work irk but I’m trying to hype myself up to take a sick day because I can’t really face tomorrow and I’m already fed up and unproductive.


Every single day of the year, rob.orch. Every single fucking day. (Also, I’m strongly discouraged from wearing headphones as I’m meant to be available to the rest of the team).

Really wish we could form a DiS quiet-co-working space.


WFH tomorrow. Can’t wait.


So half my team got made redundant. The company’s plan is to save money by outsourcing. The main company that they outsource to is slow, inefficient and inaccurate in their work. And for that reason, I’ve been told by a former colleague who still works there, their contract has now been terminated. So the rump of Design Services still not only have the same amount of work as when there were twice as many people in the team, they now have more work coming their way. Meanwhile I’m sitting at home job hunting. You couldn’t make this shit up. People wouldn’t believe a multinational company would be so fucked up.


workload exceptionally high, team whittled down by the day as people leave. just cannot be fucked at all, my performance is shockingly poor atm.


oh they would.


Yeah, I know… I realised after I’d said it that it wasn’t true. The person mis-managing the whole affair is only in charge as far as I can tell because she’s been there a long time and got to where she is only because of other people leaving.


best of luck finding something

are you having any luck?


I think you maybe have to take a more pragmatic approach to all of this. HR aren’t going to do shit. She isn’t going to amend her behaviour, and at least half of managers you come across will be the same.

Whether you’re fighting the good fight or not and doing something noble, you’re wasting a hell of a lot of energy and sanity going about your daily life. Its really not sustainable unless you were absolutely dedicated to the organisation you’re in, and I can tell you that every company I’ve worked in if someone kept a log of grievances, they would have an indelible mark against their name forever more as a “troublemaker” (and I dont think you are, but it doesn’t matter whats “right”, it matters what they are going to do)


they work for NHS, which has a duty of care towards its staff as policy. she is a danger and must be dealt with imo. even if it’s just a quick word that puts the shits up her. ofc i would agree that 9 times out of 10 it isn’t worth the hassle, and tbh probably better to just find another job, but easier said than done i suppose.


Now may be the time to set yourself up as a limited company and offering your services back to them at a ludicrous day rate.
They will fall behind and cant advertise the same roles.


I’m about to go out to an interview now.


good luck!!


Currently stuck in a loop of “our workload is unsustainably high” --> then outsource some stuff --> “ok” --> hang on, our external costs are too high, you need to cut back on those --> “ok but you need to hire someone new or cut back some cases” --> we don’t want to do either of those things --> “then our workload is unsustainably high”


Not quite as good as Inside, perhaps, but I loved it back in the day.


had to submit a report for a thing that was a complete waste of time doing. was so very bare bones but i managed to pad it out to about five long ish paragraphs for which i deserve a fucking medal.

just been asked to “expand on it” and “make reference to some attachments”

are you having a fucking laugh


Well in that case I’ll just have to ask if I can be transferred to another department, or resign altogether, if none of this is going to work.

I’m dealing with this through Unison anyway and they seem pretty effective. HR are just checking something for me for the time being, until then I can’t do anything.