Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Ask for £10k more than what you were on


Thanks for all this, and yeah, I’ll just have to keep calm for the next few days and focus on getting this sorted with Unison or asking to be moved to another dept if it must come to that. I actually ended up staying late drinking last night just to get over it so it’s even having an effect on my physical health arguably (I mean just a couple of beers, but still).

But UGH!!! So far today she’s being really nice all of a sudden. I feel like if I make a complaint of bullying against her it’ll be like killing a fluffy animal or something.


Just spent quite a long time on the phone to a much more senior colleague trying (and failing) to explain a really fundamental part of our jobs and they couldn’t get their head round it and now I’ve got a splitting headache.


imagine how bad it would be if you DID have one though!


No idea not you’re talking about.


if anyone else is unsure just press @Epimer orange pencil…


That’s an HR complaint in the making.


I guess this is above irk level, but my work have recently got rid of a ton of office space and tried to accommodate an increasing number of employees (as well as some new “breakout spaces” :jazzhandsemoji:) into a smaller area. I’m now with 19 other folk in a space we were previously told was only suitable for 12. It’s a sweatbox with no openable windows that smells of BO and coffee breath where everyone now has a permanent headache. Public sector y’all. :disappointed:


Apparently I’m not supposed to leave if there’s a queue. Mate, if I stop getting paid at 6, I am leaving at 6.


Relatively minor, but I’m trying to organise training sessions for new staff - happens every year, at five different offices, with different groups in each office, in-person.

So far this year I’ve had someone email me back to say “is this the same thing as the videoconference that [I-J’s colleague] will be running on [date]?”. Me: no. No it is not. Because (a) we don’t run videoconferences; (b) my colleague has never heard of this session that you’ve scheduled for her; and © she’s on leave in a different country that day.

I have no idea why you wouldn’t even bother to tell us about training that you’re scheduling us to run, but apparently you don’t have to.


The guy sitting next to me today has spent all morning clicking a pen lid on and off. Next time he steps away from his desk, he’s going to return to find his fucking pen smashed into a thousand pieces.


Having been made redundant, I am now getting irked at Work Irks because at least you’re working. :wink:


Dear Tuna,
I would like to let you know that this month we have had some technical issues with the Casual Payment system and your payment will be delayed. The Head of Department, HoD, XXXXXX, is aware of the situation and is looking into ways to solve the situation before the next payrun on the 23rd March 2019.

not like we need to live or anything


That’s more than an irk.

Never forget the rainy day fund


In contact with our union (join a union everyone) but aye, of course


Would have been perfect if it said: HoD of Department.

Also, just read that they’re hoping to get it sorted within a month. Great bunch of lads.


People flapping their chins in the stock room when we have a long line of customers


I have to attend an all day meeting on Friday where I’ll be needed for approx 30 minutes. The problem is that I’ve no idea when in the day that 30 minutes will occur. The meeting is with lovely people and will actually be quite interesting but I’ve had to cancel a day’s leave so i can go. IRKED.


I’ve got to go to london in a couple of weeks and i would really rather not


Now its got quite mild we’ve started to open the windows in our office but below the windows are above where the student buses stop so you have:

a) the constant rumble of parked buses
b) Screeching students who are for some reason enjoying life
c) the smell of cigarettes

I mean, we’re on the 4th floor so god knows what its like downstairs. Its really dampened my enjoyment of a podcast this morning.