Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


This is a daily work irk for me.


Saw a really good work conference that I wanted to go to. Good speakers, relevant topics, convenient location, and being chaired by a judge whose decisions I mostly disagree with and I could have a moan at. Perfect!

Wait, it’s on a SATURDAY?!

Fuck offffffffff


It’s like 17 degrees outside, the building heating is on, and my colleague has still got her personal heater on. She knows it bugs a lot of us cos we complain how hot it is all the time, but she’s still doing it.

AAAARGH how can people have the gall to be so blindly ignorant of other people


Been in this job for 6 weeks, just recorded my 174th individual piece of training. Another 70ish to go.






I’ve just discovered the biggest fuck-up I’ve ever seen in my career. It’s going to result in an unfixable loss of rights on something that’s very important to my employer.

It is 100%, irrefutably, on the public record, my boss’s fault.

What will happen?

  • He will get fired
  • Nothing will happen
  • He’ll get another promotion for some reason
  • Somehow you (meaning me) will be fired

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Are you going to keep quiet?


Absolutely fucking not, I’m the registered representative on the case, but the fuck-up happened two years before I was working here so I’m not taking the fall for it.


Are you in a position to report the discovery without explicitly pointing the finger at your boss?


Nope, their signature is on the offending documents.


I meant more in terms of reporting procedure - something along the lines of, “I’ve discovered a huge problem,” but letting someone else (more senior) check who caused it.

It sounds like a shitty situation.


We’re past that point. It’s come to light because a competitor is trying to get one of our patents revoked. They’re going to succeed due to my boss’s mistake. I’m the one handing the revocation proceedings and there is absolutely no way that I’m taking responsibility for my boss’s incompetence on this one.


I don’t envy that conversation.


Dropped the ball today. Basically uploaded the wrong document to a portal as I was trying to do everything at 100 miles per hour.

It wasn’t confidential or anything but been told by a buyer I can’t change it (which seems massively unfair) and have lost the company a decent sized contract.

Gonna have quite bad anxiety all weekend.

Oh and it’s nothing to do with @Epimer


We’ve just rehired someone who left about 6 months ago because he wasn’t going to get promoted. The reason he wasn’t going to get promoted is because he was terrible at his job. After failing catastrophically somewhere else he has now come back and landed himself a more senior position. I can’t really complain about this because I think it’ll be read as sour grapes, so I’m hoping that he’ll just prove his incompetence on his own. This morning he wasn’t sure who in HR needed payroll information so he sent it to their group mailbox without a password.


Turns out this huge problem has been repeated many, many, many times by my boss. My team are currently assessing what the impact of this is (quietly) before trying to decide how the fuck we escalate this appropriately.



Is your boss Al Capone? Are you Epimer Ness?


Yes and yes.


Just referred to my main employer, who’s name is Dylan, as Duncan, in an e-mail to him. Even if I quickly apologise for this it’s bad form. Today I am my own work irk.