Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)




Epi Ness, Epi Ness, The greatest gift that I possess.




This slowly unfolding catastrophe is gripping stuff - get Netflix involved.


Got to find a costume for fucking world book Day*

*Doesn’t even encourage books, fuck off


Go as Michael Owen?


Most kids go as that, diary of a wimpy kid/Tom gates so basically just their normal clothes as they CBA or parents have to spend £20 on a ready made Dennis the menace costume from a supermarket.
Pointless load of shit


There’s a really terrible ‘Six half-arsed costumes for WBD’ article on TES if you’re struggling.


Michael Owen sending his child in fancy dress as Michael Owen is such a Michael Owen thing to do.


A family who haven’t read a book between them.


A while back I posted about our staff satisfication survey and how I increasingly go for the most scathing answers to the questions. Someone very presciently pointed out that when organisations get feedback that they’re shit and untrustworthy they retaliate by forcing their employees to lots of “engagement sessions”. This is now happening.

What is irking me most about it though is that they’ve demanded that I bring “either my company mobile device or my own” to the session so I can do some sort of poll/interactive Q&A. I don’t have one so they can go fuck themselves.


today i am writing in all lower case. it is irking my boss no end. today mates i am the perp creating irk while at work.


I think I’ve posted on this before, but the new Principal wants to solve the long-identified and deep-rooted problems raised in the satisfaction survey last year (and five years before he started too.) We’re currently going through endless engagement sessions on key themes which are unlikely to yield new ideas but are definitely irking the staff.

Well played, Senior Management Team.


I actually went as far as telling my boss that my opinion is that when the staff survey says they “don’t trust” the management, what they mean is that they have no faith in the management and think they’re incompetent, rather than that they are untrustworthy. He took my feedback on board gratefully, but seeing as he is both actually untrustworthy and also incompetent I doubt that will come to much :smiley:


“It’s not that I don’t trust you, just that I don’t think you know what you’re doing. You’re actually very reliable in that regard.”


work in a services department so just spend my whole time getting hassled by people

really wanted to ignore this guy to see if he sent the exact same message again but was worried he’d go to my boss


You haven’t responded for a week. You should be worried, obviously.


Staring at emails asking me “if there’s any progress on this” for a few seconds before closing them down and getting back on here is one of my favourite work things.


New team of young people have joined my department and they’re all really chatty and full of energy and enthusiasm. I’m not happy about this.

I’ve noticed that occasionally if one of them is sat by themselves on one of the clusters of computers, they’ll just say stuff - anything - at the air, in the hope that someone on a nearby cluster will hear and respond. And then I get paranoid that they think I’m rude and aloof for keeping my head down and just getting on with my work. (Look I’m sorry but I’m tired, I’m anxious, I’m miserable, I just want this day to hurry up and end, I probably have nothing in common with you and I have nothing interesting to say back at what you’ve just said.)

It’s really draining and I don’t like it at all. I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing.


A manager should tell them that they’re there to work, not to socialise. Is there a manager that you can get to do it for you?