Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Definitely wait until after speaking to your union rep before making a decision. S/he will have knowledge and experience that could help in one way or another. There might even be a case for constructive dismissal, perhaps. And, @colinfilth and @froglet are right about the subject of references and in everything else they say, I think.


I was made redundant at the end of January. I’ve got a gap now of five weeks. I’ve applied for jobs within the last week and been offered interviews.


Yes, one thing that you should always avoid is criticising your former workplace. If you google this subject there are websites with advice on how to present yourself to potential new employers. I know it’s hard right now to motivate yourself to do the research and figure out the right way to proceed. But you want to leave because it is going to be better in the long run for yourself. You are thinking of your needs - as you should. So do try to think to yourself - What do I need to do that is best for ME? Write down a list of the things you need to do. Then tick them off as and when you do it.


Anything promising?


Had an interview yesterday. Seemed to go ok. Have to wait until next week to find out more. It only takes one other person to be fractionally more suitable though. Perseverance is key.


Good luck. I was out of work for a couple of months recently. Found it exhausting and stressful. Very up and down with days of nothing happening which makes you think you won’t find anything. Just got to stay strong.


this works both ways for me, sometimes people think i’m a genius for whipping up a 10 minute report (in an inferior reporting tool not tableau)


I suppose I have benefitted from that in the past, basic proficiency in excel is witchcraft to some people


Exactly. And stressful so much that I keep getting a cold, one after the other. I get stressed, my immune defences are lowered. No fun at all.


Double irk:

Applying for an internal vacancy (within the same department I already work in, even) and having to fill in the full application form - rather than just firing a CV/covering letter to the boss/the recruitment team/whoever.

That application form being one of those that asks you all your employment and education history, gives you some questions to answer but then asks you to attach a CV and covering letter as well.


Some good news is that I’m finally returning to my previous role (within the job, it’s all the same job title and salary but there are different roles, it’s a stupid a way of oversimplifying everything so you don’t get the money you probably should based on the responsibilty) which I preferred by miles, is MUCH less stressful and involves far less interaction with people (some people find this a nightmare, personally I can only cope if it’s like this*).

I’ll still have to see these people who were getting on my nerves everyday, but I’ll be spending most of my time in another room, so it won’t matter. So I won’t be handing my notice in after all (well, assuming nothing else goes wrong).

But I’ve still got 5 more days of having to do this crap and even though I’m happy, I’m not entirely sure I can get through even one more day of this. It really is that bad, so thank GOD I won’t be doing it for much longer, but even so, I’ve still got some more miserable days to get through first and even this is filling me with dread :unamused:


you can do it mate. it’ll be next week before you know it.


It’s actually 3 (2) more days this week then 2 more days next week, because I’ve got annual leave.

I’m on my break currently and then I’ve got 5 more minutes, then I can leave for today. Even the last 5 minutes are filling me with dread - honestly, that’s just how toxic my relationship with the office I work in has become. It’s just a poisonous atmosphere.


I did this last week and didn’t bother attaching a CV because it let me submit it without it. Heard nothing back. What is the point?


liked out of sympathy. by the end of this month all my work friends will have officially Moved On. i am absolutely dreading being alone here. i’m now looking for a new job myself but it’s a wasteland out there atm.


We’ve just been treated to an irk so vast, that not only does it need to have sections in bold, but it also requires glorious technicolour.




Tissues in the food waste bin? Are they absolutely sure about that…?

Is this a thing I’m not aware of?


API’s are hard and no one ever takes ownership of everything


My manager doesn’t give a fuck about us using our phones at our desks because we still get the work done and, y’know, we’re adults. But a pair of other managers on our floor with no direct responsibility for our team (one of them works a completely different task) have been grassing us up to the higher level manager. Absolute fucking jobsworths. My manager is raging about it (at them, not us).


Good manager though. I see one person always on her phone when I walk through the office (and my colleagues would see me doing the same) but yeah no one but your direct manager is gonna complain about it (I’d hope) and they’d have no reason to if everything gets done on time.

People get weird at work.