Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


One of them worked on my floor when I was in a different team and did it back then too. We used to share his old team’s desks back then and apparently he’d often complain to my then manager (who was also great) about mess that was left there by his own team.

He’s English so I’m going to put this down to a classic case of The Brits.


Let’s hope they find a cure one day soon :pray:


Still working as informants in NI all these years later, clearly


chance for you to unleash all seven colours of the rainbow and every type of formatting when you hopefully tell this person that tissues and paper towels belong in the recycling not with the food waste


someone brought their baby into work just now. i don’t really understand why people do that but each to their own. anyway i was trying to get something finished so when the person came into work i sort of nodded and waved. about 5 minutes later someone from the big group crowded around the baby shouts across to me, “aren’t you going to have a look at the baby?” and i was like, “uh…kinda busy…” but also i’m just awkward af and don’t have the first idea of what to say in these kinds of situations. but everyone was staring at me so i got up and walked over, looked at the baby, said like “aw, cute” and went back to my desk. then some other fucker comes over and goes “just a flying visit then?” and i went “heh, yeah.” then someone else says “aren’t you going to see the baby?” and i was like, “oh i have”. then someone else goes “not feeling very sociable? so-and-so has brought her baby in. why don’t you ask X if you can hold her baby” and i was like, “uh…no. i’m busy”. then her mate was like “she’s not staying long, why not go hold the baby” and i ended up going and sitting in the toilet cubicle and playing on my phone for five minutes.

just fuck off. stop trying to make me look at and/or interact with a baby you freaks.




Got some recruiters getting in touch about a job at what I’m pretty sure is a major military defense company. Brilliant. Imagine the job satisfaction there from getting a patent granted to some excellent new way of killing people.

So the job landscape for me looks like roles at a place that aims to kill people quickly (this one), kill people slowly (tobacco companies), or - worst of all - Dyson.


Must be pharma jobs going?


When people bring their babies into our work they never bring them over to see me. This is a rare case where my rep as office grouch backfires on me, because I really like babies.


Covered this with

safetyetc. Don’t want to work in pharma, the patent issues are mega dull. I’d maybe consider generics though, your whole job is demolishing other people’s work. Brilliant. AZ are probably still hiring locally, but nah.


It was all going fine until just now when my manager said something very snide, clumsy and insensitive which made me feel really small. It’s got under my skin and completely ruined my day/week/month.


What did she say?


But would you get to name things like ‘KillMaster 2000’


She pretty much insulted my intelligence, tried to insinuate that I wasn’t really clever enough to be doing the job I’ve been doing, and that this new person replacing me is smarter than me and will pick it up a lot faster than I did (so in other words I’m just a bit thick/slow/not very clever).

I just thought it was a very poor choice of words, it’s damaged my self-esteem frankly. I knew I wouldn’t get out of this unscathed, of course my mental health/self-esteem would have to be taxed in some way.


M7, do you want that baby to think you’re an arsehole for the rest of its life?


I’m not sure that’s a suitable name for a vacuum cleaner.


KillDustMaster 2000


Or even your year.



Also forgot to mention that this new person is a relative of a friend of the manager (who also used to work there) and I can definitely see some favouritism going on there, it’s obvious. If you’re treated better, because your manager is biased, because they’ve heard good things about you through a friend who knows you, then of course you’re more likely to perform better in turn, and then a cycle of high trust/good performance between employer/employee is formed. It just doesn’t seem fair.

And then having the cheek to say ‘person X is really capable, and will do person Y’s job really well’ in front of person Y (me)… given that I struggled, plus the way I’ve been treated… I just don’t think that’s a professional or acceptable thing for a manager to say. It almost feels like an indirect way of saying ‘person X is better than person Y’. It made me feel really small.

I’m probably reading too much into it and I know I shouldn’t let it get to me. I should be happy since I’m not doing the role anymore, I’ve got what I wanted. I just had a feeling my manager would somehow manage to make me feel really shitty and low about it, in some way, and it’s worked.


We’ve all been getting messages from your robohoover about how much they dislike you.

They like owls though so Dr Mrs Your Lass is OK.