Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I know I’m being pathetic as well by letting this get to me, I’m obviously a very weak person


Try to not let it affect your self esteem. Deep down you know that this person is an arsehole and is playing psychological games on you. As you say, there’s favouritism going on. Anything this person says shouldn’t then reflect on you. It’s a reflection of them and their unprofessionalism. The shitty person is the manager, not you.


i like babies, i just feel awkward when it’s someone i don’t know very well’s baby. i think i handled the initial bit okay but I’m not holding an unknown baby!


Well, according to the official notices placed on every bin in the building (your tax money at work, folks), tissues and paper towels count as permissible in the food & bio-degradable waste bin when they are technically neither, so I take this as undisputable clearance to…


Going to format it all over the streets and houses, rest assured.


My manager seems to have an attitude in line with ‘the beatings will continue until morale improves’

Mate, I don’t think having pringles in the office and doing a quiz on a Friday takes away from the fact that we’re all out on our ear in 12 days and that you treat us like shit

But sure




Guys, breakfast is downstairs (ONLY TAKE ONE PIECE YOU BASTARDING WANKERS) and don’t forget your floor meeting next Thursday, with beer !!!11!! (BUT STAY AND NETWORK OUTSIDE OF WORKING HOURS YOU PRICKS)


what flavour pringles


Sour cream, salt and vinegar, ready salted.

Really takes the edge off


The only flavours available post brexit and sour cream will be in short supply


sour cream is great tbf, but every time you eat sour cream now you will associate with this job :pensive: you’ll have to eat some during a happy moment to balance it out!


Had another one of these calls. They’ve stopped even pretending that I’m anything other than a massive pain in their arse now. Uncomfortable.


Are you really the attorney general?


*patent attorney general


“Sorry Boris, Malthouse plus cannot be used”


I would tap my glass to get everyone’s attention and then rage at the lack of Paprika


some twat keeps microwaving different fish-based meals, the stink is unbelievable :nauseated_face:


*patient patent attorney general


current irk: people who think whatever they are doing is The Most Important Thing in The World

like going to the bosses’ boss and asking him to get stuff for you. get a fucking clue mate, everyone has better things to do


Unfortunately I have let it get to me and I didn’t get any sleep at all last night as a result.

I’m going to see if I can be moved to another department because I really cannot stand it here anymore regardless of the work. Everything’s just got too toxic and awful.