Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


It’s not easy to not let it get to you, I know. Even when logic and facts tell you that the other person is the one with the issues. Hope you get to move on and soon.


last year i got a new job internally, one level above my old one. just found out my old one has just been upgraded a level, making my new job effectively a sideways move retrospectively. irked.

(also irked because the job was obviously wrongly graded while i was there, and they had the opportunity to regrade it when they restructured less than 18 months ago but at that time assessed that it should stay at the same level)

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One of my team has been complaining for a couple of months about workload in their team. Finally get sign off and budget to recruit someone and they’re refusing to take them on as they think they’re “too busy to train someone” IRKED.

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I’ve been sent a query that’s been escalated several times already about whether or not we have commercialised something that’s described in one of our patents. Fair enough, I’m the right person to ask for that.

Follow the email chain back to the beginning to find out who’s asking. Turns out it’s just some rando who called us up to ask. This has gone through three relatively senior people without anyone going “oh hang on, do we give out commercially sensitive information to anyone who calls up and asks?”

Americans, man. Americans.


my team has had to move desks again for the third time in a month. getting a bit tiresome how everyone mysteriously has to work from home the day before and the day after the move, so leaves me and one other guy to do all the work.

at least this time we had some moving people to help out. except they left all our pedestals behind and we had to move them all ourselves, about 20 between the two of us and another guy we roped in.

in other news, my new desk doesn’t have working power and is close enough to the kitchen that I might as well be working in it :clap:


Say “Hi!” to Royter-hatfood when you see him.


Comic Relief.

OK I can’t really complain. There’s nobody here sitting in a bath of beans or being a white saviour or anything, but there is a guy who’s been wearing a pair of CR deely boppers all day.

This is a guy who looks like a cross between Super Mario and a generic action film NY police sergeant, complete with massive moustache.

The other day someone came up looking for him. For about five minutes we went around the floor asking if anyone knew who he was, loudly saying his name out loud and he didn’t bat an eyelid, despite the fact that he was in Lync contact with the guy looking for him all the time.

He also eats roast dinners at his desk.

And he’s wearing Comic Relief deely boppers.

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“i need this done immediately. it’s really important”
“okay, can i just check you want it done like this?”


fuck you then pal


Basically just admitted to a colleague who I get on quite well with that I’m sick of working here, and that I’m looking for other jobs. I think telling him this might have been a bit of a mistake…

Oh shit, what have I done?! Probably should’ve kept that to myself…


I wouldn’t worry about it to be honest.


Don’t worry about it. Highly unlikely he’d grass you up, would make him sound untrustworthy if he did anyway.


Fucked it lads

Going out with a client in London Monday night and had a meeting in Leeds 10am Tuesday so would’ve had to be up at 6.30 and Mondays gonna be a big one.
Overheard about a meeting with the client I’m out with on Monday and thought I’ll get invited to that have a lie in and say it’s more important to go to that one so I don’t have to go back to Leeds early. Meeting will be finished by lunch and I’ll be home before 5. Result.

Get the meeting invite it’s 10.00-17.00 in fucking Colchester.

Gonna have to get up early and won’t get home until 22.00


got in today to find someone’s taken the plug part of my phone charger off my desk, leaving the cable behind. it was here when I left on Friday, the people who were here when I left say they didn’t take it and no-one was due to be working over the weekend.

slightly more than irked tbh, already locked my laptop charger away overnight because they liked going walkabout but guess I’ll have to lock everything away from now on :clap:

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looking for another job but i don’t want to stay in the nhs, cos there’s so few decent jobs or training opportunities rn. hoo boy, it is grim af out there. call centre agent, administrative assistant, call centre agent, operational admin officer, call centre agent, “apprentice salesperson” ffs. just looking at job sites is enough to make you want to start drinking.

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Have you tried on here?

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also when i’m looking for band 4 or above in the nhs and i see something vaguely decent, 9.9 times out of 10, no matter what it is, they expect you to have a degree in something and three or four additional niche qualifications. i mean i know with so many bullshit jobs available and so few real meaningful jobs around they do this to filter out the shitmunchers like me, not because you actually need a qualification in feeding bioluminescent fish to manage admin staff in an NHS office, but it properly drains the old self-esteem doesn’t it.


oo i will have a look! thank you!

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there’s one where you prepare casework while they chase human traffickers, way out of my reach but i might apply anyway that looks well interesting and meaningful


don’t worry i won’t message you every time i find a bite

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I’ve got exceptionally lucky cos my role is now PHD level advertised, and I ain’t even got a degree. Just worked my way up.

They always find people with qualifications struggle here (not that they aren’t intelligent, just that its total chaos and that’s hard if you come in cold). Still genuinely think if someone applied they liked, they’d hire them over someone with endless qualifications. NHS seems a bit too big and unwieldy to have that type of malleability, though.

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