Work irks part 2 (rolling)

Time to get yourself DSE’d up to the eyeballs. Go to town and get the full set of kit. Start off by taking a week off sick with back pain after a day of audibly complaining about the new chairs.


Someone in the office is whistling. This is unacceptable.


Just finished a 5 month campaign to get a different chair because I didn’t fit in the one I had before. I told the DSE man this when we moved to this office and he went “mmm” and showed me how to adjust the arm rests. Now I sit on a mighty lumbar-supporting throne while the rest of these vermin fold themselves into the “nice” chairs we got for the office move.


In my old job, it was always the post guy who used to whistle. He was about 70 and missing most of his teeth, and he was a lovely guy, so everyone forgave him.

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Just gonna leave this here.


My boss trying to get my incompetent/fairly unpleasant colleague fired has escalated to HR calling us individually to talk about how much of a liability this guy is.

I’m not really comfortable with this. It was bad enough being asked to fill out an anonymous character assassination survey (didn’t do it). Like, he’s shit at his job and a pain in the arse and my life would be easier if I never had to work with him, but he’s also got a chronic illness and has had major surgeries and it’s the US so who fucking knows what would happen to his healthcare if he got the sack. Wish they’d just leave it alone until he retires in the next five years or so but my boss is a right vindictive fucker.


we’re vaguely in a similar position with one guy here - he’s not unpleasant or anything, just a bit useless and doesn’t really do anything. haven’t got as far as needing to fill in forms/take calls about it yet, although we’ll see what happens when the whole performance management process gets finished for this year…

i actually wanted to have a proper appraisal/1 to 1 type meeting this year as it’s meant to be with someone senior and i want to discuss potentially taking a career break as they’d be the one to sign it off. instead they delegated it out to the level below, and the guy i’m supposed to have a 1 to 1 with has decided i don’t need one because he knows everything about me already so it’s fine. cheers mate :+1:

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Is this the same boss who made the big fuck up that you discovered a few months ago?

Yeah, he’s a swell guy.

we have 6 monthly ones and every time without fail my boss makes a huge deal of reminding me every day for the two weeks before that i need to do the form, have you done the form, email me the form when it’s done, and then on the day he invariably cancels and moves it to the month after :+1:

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last week i got told i needed to drop everything and postpone my current project for two weeks because there was an urgent issue on another project and it was critical that i move over to help them out as their lead developer is going on holiday and it wrecks them completely. had a full day handover meeting scheduled for yesterday to get it all sorted.

actually had the session and it’s completely under control and there’s no issues? they have a big release scheduled for next week, it’s all done, it’s been tested and the release process has been tested and is fine - apparently i’m going to watch them do it to check it goes ok, but given they’ve done dozens of releases i reckon it’ll be fine. their next release isn’t for a while, comes out after the lead dev comes back from holiday and is pretty much done already. the lead dev said to the existing team that they’re going to have an easy couple of weeks while he’s off due to lack of work to do, so none of it has been assigned to me. have a daily call in the diary for two weeks and that’s it.


we used to have six monthly one but they made them yearly. then they got rid of them and replaced them with two questions you answer on a website which rank you from 1 to 5. then they added them back again because it turns out you can’t do performance management for thousands of people solely off two questions. except if they cba, obviously.

hate this place so much sometimes :rofl:

You’d think he’d be keeping his head down after that.

(assuming it wasn’t swept under the carpet)

The case is ongoing and it might end up having no consequence but it’s going to result in new case law either way. If he gets away with it it’ll be sheer luck.

US attorneys, man. They’re all a fucking liability because they have no concept that the US system is fundamentally different to the rest of the world, and that what they do in their professional work affects other jurisdictions. Literally never worked with or heard of one that this isn’t true of. It’s infuriating.

I’ve never worked anywhere with so many people brushing their teeth in the bogs. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen it before. It can be any time from morning to afternoon, they stand there at the sink really getting into every nook and cranny. I just want to take a piss / shit but they are there either listening to every plop or directly behind me as I do a piss.

One guy also seems to make a really big show of coming out of the toilet rubbing alcohol gel on his hands. But only occasionally, blatantly after doing a shit. Which is a nice gesture to ensure cleanliness, but in my head I don’t like thinking “he has just had a shit”.


Do you work in a dental hospital?

couple of on-going irks

  1. we’re paid on the final thursday of the month which feels erratic enough, however so far this year we’ve been paid anywhere from the 20th to the 31st with little/no warning. It makes budgeting so difficult and although I’ve brought it up a couple of times no solution is offered (I just wanna pick a date like the 25 and stick to it). last month my direct line report wasn’t paid due to an error, but they didn’t realise the rest of us had been paid early so it was only once the month had ended that it was queried and fixed. urgh.

  2. a colleague has a puppy which comes in 1-2 times a week. Basically fine when it was small, now it’s bigger and yappy and wants to play the whole time and it’s SO annoying. I get very little work done when it’s in so pretty sure I’ll have to start working from home on dog days.

we have a frequent toothbrusher here, have a similar opinion. takes ages to do it too, do wonder whether it’s partly just to waste time and avoid work.

also have one guy who only puts his contact lenses in when he gets to work, and always leaves the packaging by the sink :roll_eyes: