Work irks part 2 (rolling)

You really should be

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Only got 2 weeks left before i have a year off so trying to help the people i leave behind


One of my workmates got told off before lunch for taking the kitchen roll from the kitchen and leaving it on his desk. Was one of those tellings off that a school child gets, which just seemed really shitty and petty to me.

So at lunch I went to Albert Heijn and bought 18 kitchen rolls and put one on each person’s desk.



I love you.


Really nice pass agging there :+1:


My workmate Rudy just emailed me and called me Stephen so in my reply I called him Rudi


I do this when people spell my name wrong too.

So petty, but don’t care.

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Every now and then (probably two or three times a year) I get emails addressed to Richard, from people who can’t quite grasp that outlandish concept that I have both a first name and a surname and conflate the two. I just reply back to them asking if I was the intended recipient, ignoring their query.


My solicitor has slowed down noticeably on her responses since I got her name wrong (in my defence I work with someone who has a similar name and so wrote it from muscle memory)

Yeah, spell my name wrong and you’re going to the bottom of the to-do list.

Incredible scenes

Really fed up of being bad cop to scientists who want to ignore substantial legal risk. They all hate me because I’m getting in the way of their research, but I’m also, y’know, trying to step them from possibly going to jail ffs.

(Searching gifs of this brought up loads of porn results on google, uh oh)

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People shorten my name all the time, despite it being written, in full, in my email address and signature

boz? bo?

If I had a workmate called Rudy then every single email I sent to him would have the title “A message to you Rudy”. Even probably for a while after he started hitting me.


You’re twisting my melon man. You know you talk so hip but you’re exposing yourself to substantial legal risk man.

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He does amazingly in his PDRs because he just can’t fail


Every email I send to one staff member has the subject “For the FAO of insert name here”. I’d say I’m driving him mad.

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Boss keeps cornering me literally as I’m leaving the office with my coat on to talk to me about new work that she’s got for me and wants me to work on in the next [unspecified time cos she’s crap at prioritising stuff and giving deadlines]
dunno if it’s a power play thing or if she’s just rubbish at communicating but it’s well annoying