Work irks part 2 (rolling)

In 2020, the company replaced the half-yearly chat and an end-of-year appraisal with monthly meetings. The intensity and form filling of an annual appraisal, but 12 times a year! After some feedback, a new appraisal process for 2021 is to be announced soon.

Ministry of Silly Walks or Dead Parrot?

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My last job reached a point where every 3 months I had to review 5 people against their targets, and set them new ones for the quarter. As well of the paperwork, it was two separate meetings for each person. 2 were in London, 2 in Birmingham, 1 in Poland. Bit much tbh.

If they implemented that here I’d leave. I’d just be in a constant state of heightened anxiety.

I shouldn’t have to prove I do my job well by writing a review of myself. I prove I do my job well by doing my job well.
Fucking capitalism. It’s just a way to squeeze as much as they can out of you.

I didn’t like it when my colleague moved the entire contents of my main work folder, with my name on, into some sub folder of a sub folder, leading me to believe I had somehow deleted 5 years worth of work. Until he emailed me a few hours later to say he thought he might have moved the entire contents of my folder while accidentally doing something else.
He is a lovely, lovely guy but sweet jesus please don’t do that again.

We have appraisals but the form is just 2 or 3 boxes where you write a couple of sentences after having the meeting with your manager.

Somewhere I used to work, though, had a form that was about 10 pages long and had to be filled out by hand and then typed up into a crappy system that sounds like yours. Because I was a secretary I had to type up all the more senior staff’s forms as well.

I miss handwriting my appraisals in my first proper job. I always got praised for my handwriting. That’s all the approval I ever wanted, tbh.

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My handwriting still looks, as my year 4 teacher said, “like a spider cemetery”


Well this is the main irk for me. The person of course responsible for writing the review of your work is your manager. However managers didn’t become managers to do boring stuff like that (even though that is what the job actually is), and even worse if you follow your empire-building instincts like you want to you even have to do more of that, so someone came up with the brilliant wheeze of getting the employee to draft the first version. The upside apart from relieving the manager of the effort being that people are usuallly quite self-critical which gives the manager the opportunity to be all praisey as a bonus. And then that eventually just morphs into the employee doing the whole job.

And that’s why I don’t bother playing along.

I need someone in the warehouse to log some numbers manually so I can check them against some reports.

They’ve just asked someone else to get the numbers from the reports I’ve been running :man_facepalming:


Teams conversation just now

Colleague A: Hi is issue X resolved
Me: what is issue X?
Colleague: talk to colleague B

How about you fuck off and don’t ask me questions if you can’t literally give enough of a fuck to explain what you mean

Raging today


Oh god ignore ignore
Why aren’t they asking person b if person b knows about it

Person A knows, but literally can’t be arsed to explain it. She’s very very rude in general. In 30 minutes I am about to handover the project to someone else, so it will no longer be my problem

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I mean if she’d asked person b in the first place they’d probably know if it was resolved

No, she’s asking me to got to person b to get them to explain the issue itself. I don’t think person b knows if the issue is resolved. She’s just being a dick cause she cba to explain something

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My partner started a new job at the end of last month and her employer is trying to state that she can’t take any paid leave in the first six months. She’s not on any kind of probationary period or anything. She’s been asking for a contract repeatedly and it hasn’t materialised. Can anyone advise on how legal this is? (the leave situ)

Work all hands meetings are just painful. Boss man talking about reopening the office by summer (hmmm), talking about missing their ski holidays and saying they’re ‘considering’ giving wfh equipment to people one year into the pandemic

Could smash my laptop a la Phoebe Bridgers

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‘Here’s what mobiles looked like when I joined the company!’

‘the internet used to not exist! Bet you didn’t know that!’

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My fave is when you are expected to decipher what’s going on via a months long email chain with numerous twists and subplots


Conversely, when you forward someone a long email thread for context, but you have asked a very clearly worded question about one specific thing in your email, and you get a reply addressing a bunch of stuff from the email thread but not actually answering what you asked

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