Work irks part 2 (rolling)

Teams conversation just now

Colleague A: Hi is issue X resolved
Me: what is issue X?
Colleague: talk to colleague B

How about you fuck off and don’t ask me questions if you can’t literally give enough of a fuck to explain what you mean

Raging today


Oh god ignore ignore
Why aren’t they asking person b if person b knows about it

Person A knows, but literally can’t be arsed to explain it. She’s very very rude in general. In 30 minutes I am about to handover the project to someone else, so it will no longer be my problem

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I mean if she’d asked person b in the first place they’d probably know if it was resolved

No, she’s asking me to got to person b to get them to explain the issue itself. I don’t think person b knows if the issue is resolved. She’s just being a dick cause she cba to explain something

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My partner started a new job at the end of last month and her employer is trying to state that she can’t take any paid leave in the first six months. She’s not on any kind of probationary period or anything. She’s been asking for a contract repeatedly and it hasn’t materialised. Can anyone advise on how legal this is? (the leave situ)

Work all hands meetings are just painful. Boss man talking about reopening the office by summer (hmmm), talking about missing their ski holidays and saying they’re ‘considering’ giving wfh equipment to people one year into the pandemic

Could smash my laptop a la Phoebe Bridgers

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‘Here’s what mobiles looked like when I joined the company!’

‘the internet used to not exist! Bet you didn’t know that!’

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My fave is when you are expected to decipher what’s going on via a months long email chain with numerous twists and subplots


Conversely, when you forward someone a long email thread for context, but you have asked a very clearly worded question about one specific thing in your email, and you get a reply addressing a bunch of stuff from the email thread but not actually answering what you asked

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quite pleased that my team manager is moving back to a non-managerial role after only a few months in the post.

he’s not a bad guy but my previous managers have always been very laid back and nice, whereas he gets very passive aggressive over very minor issues that are completely inconsequential to the point where i absolutely dread getting a Teams message from him to see what he’s complaining about this time. he’s also very prone to management speak and cringey ‘engagement’ shite, and takes a lot of the fairly pointless management tick box exercises a bit too seriously. i always find one on one Teams meetings with him an awkward experience. it doesn’t help that he’s never met any of us in person because we’re all WFH, but still, i’m used to having a good relationship with managers and i’m not sure he likes me, and i always dread having to speak to him. i don’t think he’s really cut out for people managing which is probably why he’s fucking off so soon.

from one brief meeting so far his replacement sounds really nice and a lot more like the people i’m used to, but she’s shadowing him for a while before she properly takes over. not sure how long. hope he doesn’t teach her to be a knob about everything.

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Big irk: line by line reviews of excel spreadsheets.

Technology should never have been invented

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I’d have thought standard practice would be to only take “accrued” annual leave within a starting period of a job (although this would usually be contractually specified as a probationary period?)

Seems weird there’s no way to take any, presumably she’s at least accruing leave, so will have 12 months worth of leave to use up in half the time?

Can’t comment on legality, but from a business point of view it doesn’t make sense if they’re squishing all the leave into a smaller part of the year, and if there’s nothing contractual about a probationary period (which i guess you don’t know without a contract…) then I don’t get how paid annual leave can be withheld (esp if it’s been accrued pro rata)

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What’s really fun and not annoying whatsoever is someone turning up late to a meeting, saying “I’ll just catch up” and by that actually mean they want you to repeat everything that was said during the period they weren’t there.

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“Sorry, just jumping in here - maybe you covered this before I came online, sorry!! - have we already had the agenda? Yes? Ah and so, if I could just go back a step, what about if I suggest things everyone has just discussed and dismissed? Great, thanks, I’m happy to have the meeting overrun, yeah”


Whoever had written the assessment I had to do on Friday had got their ‘affects’ and ‘effects’ arse about face in not one but two questions.

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Someone has hidden ~140 rows on a spreadsheet I look after.

Why would you do this?



Definitely in to people who understand how to create timewasting tasks

Don’t :clap: give :clap: me :clap: good :clap: feedback :clap: via :clap: the :clap: phone :clap: send :clap: it :clap: over :clap: email :clap: so :clap: I :clap: can :clap: use :clap: it :clap: in :clap: my :clap: annual :clap: review