Work irks part 2 (rolling)

I had the last laugh as it turned out that some were paying themselves with loans that they has no intention of repaying. HMRC caught up with them and insisted they pay the loans back or pay tax.

Having a floating brief across departments is fun when one group manager takes a week off and then comes back with their itchy ‘reply all’ finger to complain that I’ve had a meeting that included one of their team without having consulted them first

And then I’m forced to point out that they’ve neglected to invite me to a meeting they’ve organised between group managers to co-ordinate their all-department strategy to the thing I have the all-department brief for


A recruitment consultant mentioned this to me liked I’d know what it was. No clue :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

IR35? Not until my next birthday.


IR34 till IR35


Yep. To make it worse, the person who used to do rotas for my team did it extremely smoothly, and anytime cover was needed or w/e, it was a conversation like:

“Hey person X, person Y can’t do 2pm-3pm this afternoon, can you swap in?”
“Yeah sure”
“Cool” [end]

It can be that easy! But some people just love making simple things more dramatic and difficult than they need to be. Doesn’t help that she isn’t super capable with the tech, so the rotas and every form she sends out are horribly formatted and confusing.

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Been in and out the last few weeks with health issues, which is stressful in itself because this is a job I started about 8 months ago and it was a promotion for me so I’m having a lot of imposter syndrome.

Anyway in a big weekly meeting and there was lots of awkward pauses, one really long one where my colleague had updated and after we moved on I realised I hadn’t done my update! Freaked out a bit internally. Waited til the end (we finished 30 mins early) and said “ah, sorry, there was that big pause and maybe it was for my bit so I’ll do it now as we’ve got time”, did my bit in like 3 mins (it’s a quick overview) and people were like oh yeah interesting ok. Then my own manager said “yeah I don’t think anyone was hanging on for your update but I can see how after it moved on you might panic and think that”


Well maybe I don’t think anyone wants YOUR updates, manager!! :rage:

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Wow that’s incredibly rude

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Yeah, that ain’t on

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all files for my department have disappeared. IT are working on getting back…
Have 7 years work in there. Not too bothered by much of it, but have project files with all my dev work for the last year+ (at least) for future promotions that have gone as well, and there has been a refresh and upgrade of my system just last week, so normally I would then import my project files back in…except they have all gone.
Oh but you backed them up to a personal folder. No I didn’t shut your mouth!

that’s awful. Hopefully someone will have had a word with them because showing a colleague up on a call like that (even if they meant it lightheartedly) is well out of order. It’s up to you but probably worth mentioning to them that it’s not helpful given the added responsibility due to the promotion, and that you’d appreciate their support on calls rather than negging like that.

I find Zoom/Teams difficult for meetings that F2F someone will naturally take a lead and can be much more informally/conversational, but now there’s an expectation that someone will just drive it and you sometimes get awkward meetings when people aren’t engaged. I think it’s good practice at the start to ask who’s leading it and if someone is taking some notes to share afterwards, this is one of my tactics.

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I think she was going for like a “not to worry, no one was judging you” vibe but instead she made a mortal enemy of me.


This is good advice, thanks. Yeah, I don’t think she meant for it come out like that, especially as she has specifically requested that I give these regular updates, but I’ll mention it in our next 121 that it felt a bit unsupportive. Further context: I called in sick today and ended up coming online to do some meetings and make sure everything is on track so I’m extra sensitive.


Yeah that sounds like a good idea to raise it in that way, and I don’t think you’re being extra sensitive, I think it’s easy when virtual to not be aware of other people’s perspectives or how things come across, I’ve been guilty of it as well.

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@Squandered I was just thinking of a real example of when I ‘fucked it’

I manage someone who is really good but has some anxiety and imposter syndrome and was pretty badly treated by their last supervisor. She’d been on mat leave but back now for a few months and getting back into it.

We have loads of SOPs and training that we have to keep on top of and if you let them expire then our training compliance team sends a pretty strongly worded email to their manager and basically tells them off and says they have to be completed otherwise it’s a major issue for compliance and audits blah blah blah.

I got this email from our compliance team about the person I manage and they’d not done any of the training because they’ve been really busy and so on Friday night literally as I was clearing the last of my emails I sent what I thought was a pretty jovial email saying “please get around to these when you can so you’re off the naughty list!” thinking nothing of it.

Then spoke to them the following week and they were quite upset saying they’d logged on to do a Zoom call with their friends on Sat night and glanced at their inbox and seen my email telling her off. I definitely wasn’t telling her off, but appreciate that it probably wasn’t what she wanted to see at the weekend and so now I’m careful to not email staff out of hours and save stuff like that for when we actually speak. It’s those little things I guess.

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oh, apparently IT have recovered the files…except they haven’t as absolutely none of mine are there…if they’ve refreshed the dev system again…it’s…all…gone…and I am


Essentially it’s a law to prevent tax dodging, particularly loathed by IT contractors, being as it is an industry packed full of resolutely adequate talent that seem to believe they deserve six figure salaries.


So someone like me, should I want to go into contracting shouldn’t be affected?

Cause this guy said something about the job being ‘outside of IR35’

Well now you’re going beyond my expertise, but my waves hands understanding is that if you’re not just hiding the fact that you’re essentially a permanent employee pretending to be a contractor/limited company then you’re fine.

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