Work irks part 2 (rolling)


We had them on Sunday.

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You making your own or is that too much faffalafel?


Everyone in my new team says “excetera” and now I’ve noticed it I can’t stop noticing it

I am self isolating at the moment and trying to record lessons for my class from home.

My laptop can’t handle Teams and the audio/video is out of sync and can’t be used. Which I found out after recording a maths lesson.

A colleague lent me theirs for the week and whilst the microphone was temperamental I fiddled about and got it working. I then recorded the maths lesson (about an hour to set up/resource and an hour to record). The sound didn’t work… I fiddled around again and got the sound working and then the same thing happened again.

I then switched to another laptop which was dropped off by a colleague. It’s a child’s laptop from school so I have no access to the drives I need / all my slides and things and couldn’t email them over as I’m not allowed to save anything on it due to the restrictions. I set up again and finally recorded my lesson.

1 down for the week and it’s Wednesday and I’ve still got another 4 or 5 to do…


That I seem to just keep messing up in small ways every day and can never really get on top of things properly? P annoying

Have a read through this.

I don’t think it’s a computer issue

Thanks, yeah I’ve heard a few people say they’re having similar issues!

We use Slack but I sometimes think people see that you’re away and feel more inclined to message you because it means there’s less chance of them having to give an immediate followup

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So I’m now basically the project manager for dev… on the same shit salary that I’ve been on for three years

An irk ahead of my new job.

Although I did a degree including GIS modules and have spent the last 5 and a half years fiddling with spreadsheets, I’m going to have to do a ‘Functional Skills’ course because I don’t have an ICT GCSE. Ah well.


part of my role is writing minutes for a few boards, has been for quite a while

after two years of telling me to do it in one particular style (which went against my instincts on how to do it in the first place) I’ve now been told that doesn’t fit with the house style, and need to revamp them and adopt the other style in future

could you not have told me that from the start, given tis “house style” has apparently always been around??

oh they want double spaces after full-stops now - this is the final straw