Work irks part 2 (rolling)

Might do a sales pitch for the Bumsnogatron


Do it in the style of Pam Doove

People who refer to any file format of a drawing as a ‘CAD’, then get arsey when you send them a CAD-compatible file (DWG) and they ask why the PDF you just sent them isn’t opening. You didn’t ask me for a PDF! If you’d asked me for a PDF I would have sent you a PDF!

@TheWza do you get this too?


Boomers referring to PowerPoints as “slide decks”

Luckily, I do not. But it would irk me up good and proper if I did.

A CAD. A vinyl. This warning is final.

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Nobody uses the OpenOffice thing. Everyone I work with is too old to use the newer things. It’s basically Sellotape.

my libido


2 days into new job.

My laptop only arrived at 4pm yesterday and I can’t really do much because I’ve not been set up with an email address yet.

Not really an irk actually is it.


take it to the work perks thread!

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Oh just remembered my Swiss fact for the football the other day there is anti Powerloint Political party there or something

That wasn’t my angle. My (power) point was that it’s a… presentation. Just like a spreadsheet isn’t An Excel, and a document isn’t A Word.

Also, talking about PowerPoint at all feels a bit boomery. Aren’t all the young yins doing a Prezi or something?

Anyway, dunno if this is the right thread, but here’s a thing (there’s nothing worthy of a content warning, but I’ve put the details in a pull-down, just cos I’d rather it doesn’t come up in searches easily, in case I file a complaint - does that work? Is blurring better, or worse, or are both completely ineffective?):

The provider of IT support to my work has introduced a pilot version of its attempt at AI as a way of fielding enquiries in the first instance. And by introduce, I mean they’ve actually introduced it as a person.

Details here...

It’s nothing fancy. Not even animated, or anything, like Ananova was. Just a chatbot avatar for dealing with FAQs, basically. Anything that can’t be answered easily goes to a real person.

So far, so mundane. Chatbot assistants are on every other website these days

But it’s odd. This is internal IT support for a local authority. So it feels really jarring that they’ve done it with a conventionally attractive blue eyed white female character with a blonde bob haircut. Nothing racy, or owt. ‘She’ is wearing a business jacket. But that’s kinda beside the point. I think it would have been odd to fake-humanise this service with any human character at all.

Being a local authority, there’s just no commercially advantageous marketing element to be exploited here. If it had to be a character, it could easily be an animal, or a robot, or whatever (come back Clippy, all is forgiven!).

As it is, it feels superfluous and frivolous. Not quite to the degree of the women on boards of peanuts in pubs, or on calendars in a mechanic’s garage.

On top of that, it’s been named with one of the names at the very top of the charts for newborn girls right now. Which is also jarring. (And this kind of thing is one of the reasons we went way down the popularity list for our kids.)

After finding the Ananova wiki link, I noticed a See Also link to Mya, which includes this passage in the Reception bit, written 15 years ago:

Writing in Popular Mechanics , Tobey Grumet described Mya as a male-chauvinistic creation,[9] and she was cited in the 2006 book Physical Culture, Power, and the Body as an example of simulated sexualised females.[5] Sidney Matrix stated that Mya’s seductive appearance and sultry voice “depended on, borrowed from and retrench[ed] sexist stereotypes”, and accused Motorola of normalising the assumption that technology users are both male and heterosexual.[20]

So, yeah, ^that. As I say, this character isn’t overly sexualised in this case, but ‘she’ is the embodiment of ‘stereotypically nice lady there to serve you’, and reinforces all sorts of normative assumptions.

Also, because ‘she’ is so generic, it’s no real surprise that ‘she’ actually looks vaguely like a woman in our team, in a majority male workplace. So it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for that to be mentioned to her. And even if it’s only a passing mention rather than it becoming A Friendly Joke, it could quite easily be irksome for her.

All totally avoidable, to no benefit, so why even go there?

So there we go.

Am I a woke snowflake mithering over nothing, or is this genuine grounds for saying something to someone senior?

As you may have gathered, it’s kinda eating me up.

I don’t think I’ve had this since we stopped issuing paper copies of drawings.

The default is pdf, and if someone asks for a CAD file, it’ll be a dwg. If someone asks for a model, it’ll be an IFC.

Best start to a new job I had was when I turned up on Monday 15th June 1998, which was the first Monday of France98 (England v Tunisia), only to be told that I hadn’t been set up on the system by IT, security etc, and would have to come back the next week.

I got paid to watch football in the pub.

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In my experience, they’re forgetting their prezi passwords and having to wing it from prompt cards.

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Got a meeting in 15 mins with a third party consultancy who’ve said “this thing in the brief, we can’t do it”. They were briefed a good 18-24 months ago. This is a requirement. They’ve sent a load of the xml info and been like “look, it’s too big for us to do this”

As if I can just say “ah right, no bother, we’ll just leave that out. Let me feed this up to the heads of and the CMO, not a worry at all that this crucial information which has been a requirement from day one can now not be accommodated.”

So annoying, what am I meant to say?? Fix your own issue!

25 minute presentation to the new department about our team.
a project manager spent 20 minutes talking about herself. reduced my role to - he’s the one who crunches the numbers.


‘Can you recommend another consultant who can?’

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Anyone else have to do billing and invoicing? It makes me want to shave my head and retreat to a monastery