Work irks part 2 (rolling)


is exactly right

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“I’d prefer more squirty cream and blueberries.”

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“full time remote working is not a model that works” - big boss 5 minutes ago. Completely brain-dead corporate speak.

Now he’s talking about how great socialising in the office was - I ate my lunch alone for 12 months before the Pandemic because there is no craic at all here. Stop lying!


What if they introduced mandatory cracker pulling every luncthtime?

If they did that I’d be more than willing to again sacrifice ~10 hours a week to prop up the commercial property market.

Started a call that was scheduled to be an hour long at 12.30 having not had lunch and only just got off it.

Head of department has decided to consolidate all of our outsourced work to… my old firm. So I’ve put a meeting in with them to say that while that’s obviously a decision that’s above my head, I will absolutely not be working with anyone from my old office. Sick of dancing around this, they’re getting both barrels on how I was bullied for four years to the point of therapy, plus juicy details on how their hiring practices are not compatible with our company values.

So that’ll be good.


I work for a fast food chain. Head office send us 4 of the burger sauces in big buckets we have to pour them into smaller containers then spoon out when it would be so much quicker and easier if they were in squeezy bottles like the rest of them

one of the things we moaned about not having enough of in my last job. squeezy bottles are the best. spoon dollops are the worst so slow and messy. sometimes you’d have the wrong sized spoon for the container and it’d sink deep into the sauce :frowning:

Had a similar experience recently when it became clear we were going to be working a lot more closely with a government department where I know an old “colleague” is in a management position. Made it clear to my boss that under no circumstances do I want to have anything to do with her, and to his credit he promised to keep me out of it if that looks like it’d happen.


Are the smaller containers reused or do you have to throw them out after using them? May be a waste reduction measure if it’s the former

just been told my whole unit is moving to a new location - still in the city but a much less nice area, less impressive or historic as a building, a 40 min bus away rather than a 15 min walk … not best pleased

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Any flexible/remote options?

yeah I’m certain there will be - we aren’t back to offices yet, unlikely til September anyway, and we could always do some home working even before all this. But I was based in the centre in a historic building, next to lots of cool things, walking distance to cinemas and bars etc … this would just be an area I go to for work then instantly leave

but details to be thrashed out, this was a very quick initial 10 min heads up

Yeah I can imagine that being pretty crushing tbh, hopefully they can work something out that gives you something back.

Welcome to the club. A few years back we moved from the centre of Westminster to a box next to the O2. Quite a change. Ironically the pandemic means we’ll probably shift out of there now, to reduce the building estate, but sadly I suspect they won’t let me dynamite the place when it’s empty.

We were short staffed today because a co-worker tested positive and everyone she was working with has obviously had to isolate. Obviously, we were much busier than we usually are so it was near hell this morning.

We are still short staffed. The only other person working was nearly two hours late “because the builders were in”. :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Thought about telling him I’ve got the painters and decorators in but I still managed to be on time but I don’t know if he would have got it.


I’m in some effective communication session that I’ve not really been paying attention but the presenter has just said that as a post-presentation exercise we’re all going to be assigned an “impact buddy” to send a two minute video to in which we effectively communicate… something, and they critique it, and vice versa.

Quite liked this job so I’m a bit annoyed they’ve now forced me to resign with immediate effect.


at least hand in your resignation as the topic of your video.