Work irks part 2 (rolling)

I have this too and it’s done the trick for 6 years, though I’ve just looked at what they’re charging for them now and it’s gone up in price a fair bit since then. Worth it if you can afford it and are gonna be using it a while as mine nearly looks like new despite years of daily use and a house move.

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similarly mine is rock solid after 5 years of use (8 hrs x 5 days a week x 47 weeks a year at least). Tend to think that spending a bit more on a chair you’ll spend maybe 10,000 hours on is worth it. I don’t know for sure but think it was around £120 when I bought it.


I am simultaneously:

  • being chased and chased to share my driving license details with the H&S person via the DVLA online portal so I can continue driving for work purposes, but the portal keeps just rejecting my details and asking me to call them, and there’s like a billion year queue and I have far too much work to do to think about this.
  • trying to get permission to go to a very very important in-person external meeting, the first time I will have done any work outside of my spare bedroom since March 2020, and being told that the company policies and risk assessments for the return to working face to face are not ready and we have no timescale for them being in place.

Thanks (also to @nemrac) those good reviews are good enough for me!


Dunno if you are short like me (I’m 5’2) but the lowest setting isn’t low enough for me so I need to have a footstool under my desk, Jose got a mid-priced one from Staples and it does the trick

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(Just* not Jose)


still the main point of support for something I developed about 5 years ago. Was all handed over and everything. Tech spec, user manuals, all of it. But instead multiple times a year I field all of the questions and issues and the only person that knows how any off it works/how to build more. I am developer! I make something and then fuck off! leave me alone!
Honestly think I need to leave here to ever be rid of this albatross.

Trying to explain the difference between RGB and CMYK, and why it’s not possible to print in RGB is giving me a right fucking headache

Latest irk is emails that say “can you give me a call please?”. Why not ask the question there, or at least give some hint of what we are to be discussing?


I have new co-workers. Fair enough that I have to show them how to do some things as they just got here, but it’s so frustrating that I have to tell them to do basic things, like put oil on mushrooms before they go in the oven when they are supposedly team leaders.


Boss: I don’t want you staying up late to do this

Then proceeds to give me a deadline meaning I have to stay on late to get this completed

Incomprehensibly incompetent rota fun continues. Today I am in the building for 6 hours: I only appear on the rota for 3 of those hours. One colleague who doesn’t work Mondays is on the rota for a single hour, and someone who is on holiday is rota’d all day. I don’t understand how the rota-doer can be so bad at this.

I used to work shifts and echo this sentiment. How hard can it be?

They used to put the same person on one workstream every Saturday evening because they had a fixed shift at that time and often nobody else who was trained on that workstream would be in. Every time that person was on holiday they’d realise on the Saturday that there was nobody to do it for the last 2 or 3 hours of the day. Every time. Again, how hard can it be?? How hard can it be to check that you’ve got cover all day every day for the 4 or so things that need it? It’s your fucking job! You make us book our holiday 6-18 months in advance and then you do absolutely nothing with that information! Arghh!

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I’ve realised that I hate being asked ‘how’s it going?’. Such an open ended question I kinda struggle with it all the time. Not just in the context of work either.


Don’t like getting phone calls for this reason.

‘Not bad (lie), you? (please don’t tell me anything)’

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to say, “yeah not bad” feels too short but then I cannot be arsed actually talking about my life or anything either, however briefly.

I think you need a stock answer for it so you don’t need to think about it, like “not bad” followed by optional “how are you?”, and that’ll be what you say every time you’re asked.

Didn’t see this before I finished typing. I think you’re overthinking it amd not bad is fine. Ask them a question if you don’t want to talk about yourself.

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I once answered “how’s it going? you all good?” with “no, not really” at work and it was like I’d dropped some kind of massive bombshell and spooked everyone. I was just in a shit mood and in a meeting I didn’t want to or need to be in and cba to lie and say “yeah good thanks! how about you?!” and ended up with like three people calling me to check how I was, and while this is obviously nice that people checked if I was OK, I was just in a shit mood so it was no big deal.

back on team “yeah good thanks! how about you?!” now


Completely didn’t occur to me that the people I’d be speaking to in excruciating detail about some internal technical information have Québécois as their working language, so basically spent the entire time looking at the screen like