Work irks part 2 (rolling)


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Or, to get back on topic

just lost my rag with my boss. It was only a matter of time. Nothing more than a stray “ffs” and “crap” in Teams, along with a slight dissing of his penchant for content free plots of data on maps, but still.

Maybe this is where the constructive dismissal starts…

At my work I have to work with a medical colleague when drafting reports and things. They cannot use tracked changes properly, not removing spaces appropriately or not leaving spaces so you can’t just accept each edit but have to fix the formatting EVERY SINGLE TIME

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My boss does the same thing - convinced it’s a minor but very effective power play. Do they know you can toggle between the tracked changes and clean views?

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I had a new starter in a different office to me, but I’m stl their manager, just remotely.

Anyway, when their office security team finally produced their building pass, they refused to supply a lanyard to go with it, saying it was the managers responsibility to order the lanyard.

I went onto the purchase system and discovered that I could indeed order lanyards… In quantities of 100 at a time. I only have 2 team members. Wtf.

And of course, the building security rules state you must wear your pass around your neck at all times. But no, they can’t supply the lanyard to allow you to follow the rule.

This is the public sector, of course.


On the plus side, you could order the 100 lanyards and then flog the remaining 98 on the black market, and make a sweet profit. :wink:

I am uncompromising and robust, Caedus

Jesus Christ mate, not sure that says what you think it does!

Just been on a call about a project i’m working on next year and on the project plan i was down for 160 days. Which leaves me about 60 days for the rest of the year :smiley:
No talk about anything to do with my current day job which i can’t currently keep up with and fills up all my time. Not in a position to talk to my boss about it because this project is 2 levels above him and he’s not allowed to know, January is going to be interesting when all this comes out, there’s gonna be a proper row.

Just finished a week of interviewing for our team. One of the applicants submitted their covering letter without accepting all the changes and somehow that even persisted through our HR team. So I could see every change she’d made to it.

[Obviously far too lazy to bother looking at them]



No one is replying to my whatsapp message where I said I wasn’t invited to the team xmas lunch. I’ve been really upset about it all afternoon, might have a cider and send a tumbleweed gif (it had been very active with photos of the lunch and ‘lol, what are you like you lot’ messages until I was like :wave:)

Slowly been encouraging quite a few of my colleagues to leave for better things over a number of months as the place I work at is an absolute shambles, and it looks like things are coming together nicely. Three or four people have either found new jobs, are sticking their notice in, or asking to reduce their hours next week. Already got my surprised face planned.

My boss is genuinely the least skilled person I’ve ever met. Never seen anything like it. Doesn’t know how to delegate work, or understand even the very basics of the job. People three or four job levels below him basically just find him stuff to do.


Trying to get some stuff finished before Christmas and a client has decided that the technical review of the sciencey bits of the documents is the time and place to start arguing about semi-colon usage vs commas.

I’m currently suppressing the urge to stick “FUCK OFF, YOU MASSIVE SEMI-COLON” in white text somewhere in the document.


Been asked to be ‘on call’ for emergencies for my current role for 29th and 30th December. Was initially irked, but now thinking it might be a welcome escape route from that between Xmas and NY malaise period where you’re just basically full of cheese and confused what day it is :thinking:


Also means you should have two extra holiday days to take at your discretion.

Unfortunately/happily I’m self employed so this Viennas to me overall :woman_shrugging:

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Some dick 'ed has change the noise the oven makes when the timer goes off to We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

2 things here

You have an oven at work?
You can change the noise an oven timer makes?

Both are amazing.