Work irks part 2 (rolling)

Am annoyed with people being annoying and can’t be bothered to be diplomatic but need to be diplomatic.

An honest to god British proofreader keeps “correcting” my Oxford commas. Piss, off.


The attitude you’ve taken regarding this matter is proper, and correct.


Tbf she also tried to “correct” my actually correct translation of stockings to leggings, so…

Don’t tell them your current salary, tell them “here is the salary range I’m looking for” IMO. Your current salary is irrelevant and them basing new starters’ salaries on what they’ve previously made is a great way to ensure that they pay people from commonly lower-paid groups less, e.g. women


Thanks everyone, deep down I knew this was fucked, but I just wanted to get some validation in case I had just lost some perspective.

Btw asking for your current salary is illegal in some places, e.g. some US states, because of the discriminatory aspect


Would ask them why they want it as well. “Oh, I already provided you my valid work/residence permit so not sure what other information you need?”

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It would put me off wanting to work for them at all.


It really has, though I also know that HR departments have a habit of “proving their worth” in some organisations by introducing more and more things which make it difficult to find people with no consequences to their unproven ideas. I’ve replied to the guy saying they have enough information and I’m also considering other offers (true, but this was number 1 until today), so the ball’s in their court now. Stressed me right out though.


Being a regulated professional that has interactions via clients with non-regulated persons offering similar services is getting on my tits. Because a client will ask “I don’t understand why they’ve done this, I’m really confused.” and my regulator says I’m not allowed to badmouth other folk’s work, so I have to reply “I cannot speculate on their reasons” instead of “well, you see, what’s happened here is they’ve decided that this job is too much work for too little reward, so despite the fact that they’re your legal representative and have an ethical duty to act in your best interests, what they’re actually doing is fucking you around by price gouging you so they either make money off you for very little work, or piss you off into leaving, because they are entirely motivated by their margins and not by acting in your interests. If I did this, I would be sanctioned by a disciplinary body, fined, and probably removed from the list of representatives, but since the regulatory regime is largely voluntary, there are no consequences for them acting in this way, because the only person who suffers is you, the client.”


Me in an email to a handful of people:

“Person X: I’m working in this branch now: [link to branch]”

Two days later a Teams message from Person X:

"Which branch are you working in now, it’s this one right? [Link to wrong branch]

Why do people not read!???

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Not really an irk but doing the compliance and safety training atm and shout out to the guy who keeps pronouncing phishing as ‘peh-ishing’


Arranging a meeting with two external people

Me: “Hi all, are you around to discuss [redacted]? I can see from mine and [internal colleague’s] diary that we’re free on dates A, B, C, D and E.”

Five minutes later

External Person 1: “I can do dates C and D”

Me: “great, thanks. External Person 2, do either of these dates work for you?”

Two working days later

Me: “just following up. External Person 2, do either of these dates work for you?”

Five minutes later

External Person 2: “I can do Date F”


And don’t even get me started on the number of times I’ve tried to get people to use Doodle Polls

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Had the exact same thing last week. Finally pinned them down to 4:30 on Thursday this week, which is basically the meeting room zone.

One of the MIS systems is having an audit. Real pain in the arse, have estimate figures for like years ahead too, which is complete guess work then they ask you justify that guess work.

Well that is the weirdest thing I’ve heard today. Did you laugh out loud every time they said it?

Unfortunately the world is full of external people 2s.


Camera and microphone were off,

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Chuckle