Work irks part 2 (rolling)

That’s some great pas-agg work by them tbf

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tbf the guy isn’t senior (think he’s a grade below me) but is 1) old school, and 2) has to be in-person always due to his role. So it’s very possible he feels aggrieved by seeing everyone else at home when he doesn’t have the option

still though, don’t go pushing for change you won’t be around to deal with!

true that!


Someone is being very loud on a call in the office for the last hour and it’s grating on me now (I fear I am similarly loud in the office)

One of the things I do like about video conferencing is that before you join a meeting, you can see who’s already in the meeting. I’ll join when enough people are there already so I can bypass the awkward smalltalk.


pop up for meeting starting
Ah I’ll just leave it to a minute past
It gets to 10 past
Oh fuck


There was only one person in this meeting in the end.
I just didn’t join and waited to see if anyone said anything.
No-one said anything.
This could have gone so badly, but turned out great!

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has happened a lot!


so i advise on HR ‘stuff’

Got a bad case of an employee allegedly being bullied/managers not following sickness process (and lots more). All is being investigated, fine. Employee goes off sick again - pretty ill, not good. Advice given to managers as risk is written all over the case.

Heard from the employee today - off since early July. “Why have none of my managers been in touch at all!?”


8 weeks ago now


My work have started calling vending machines ‘micromarkets’.

‘Micromarkets’. Count how many times you hear that said, etc.


Never join a large meeting until it auto-mutes you


Just had an infuriating situation at work in my private language school.

  • One of my classes is at 3:15 in the afternoon.
  • The students in the class are Art students, away on an educational trip, which has been planned. I can see this on the calendar, but want to check what time they will be back so they don’t miss my lesson.
  • Ask at reception. Reception say the students should be back by 3pm.
  • One of my bosses is also there on an unrelated matter and overhears the conversation.
  • He says: “Cancel the lesson. That way it’s very clear whether the lesson is taking place or not. The teacher should have told you in advance when the lesson was.” I disagree, but have to go along with it, since he said so with such finality.
  • Boss sends email to teacher on the trip to tell them the lesson is cancelled.
  • Teacher doesn’t read email (of course).
  • Students knock on my door at 3:35 and ask me whether I am coming to teach.

I want to teach them because they’re a nice group and they are all there on time. However, I don’t want to go against my boss. He’s also teaching so I can’t just ask him.

Had to tell students that the lesson is cancelled and they should go home. Even though they’re all there, on time and ready to go, and there is no reason why the lesson should be cancelled except that my boss was annoyed.

Absolutely infuriating.

Someone keeps putting GB news on the TV in the break room.

This should quite genuinely be a disciplinary issue.


as much as i hate the channel…that would be pretty hard to enforce!

Delete the channel from the telly.

Me: “So yeah, online mail orders are currently up 42% for the year, the net sales are way ahead of hat we predicted. Also footfall through the shop has been much better than we thought, I’m well on track to pass my targets really easily, and I’ve broken pretty much every retail record we had and it’s only September.”

My boss: “Hmmm ok. That fridge looks like it could do with a clean.”

Why are people like this?


a clean fridge equals a happy boss equals fuck capitalism

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Very minor but someone is trying to blame me for a small fuck up someone else made because the fuck up would have gone forever unnoticed if I hadn’t done more than was strictly asked of me in a particular task. This is both funny and annoying.