Work irks part 2 (rolling)

TLDR ended the day by sending a really angry email

We were recently asked by client (A) to help them on some work for client (B) because the previous person doing our role had done a bad job and it was days before their deadline. They offered us a (very) small fee for doing so because they had essentially spent the allocated budget on this previous person, but we took it on because client (A) was someone I’ve worked with before and the job sounded like something we could turn into something quite exciting for our own portfolios.

We absolutely single handedly dug them out of a hole, putting all of our other clients on hold, presenting to them, then their client, then their client’s stakeholders in as many days. Everyone loved our work. We later found out that as we were presenting to their client and stakeholders, everyone at client (A) went on holiday. The person who engaged us told us they dialled into the presentation we made (to 90 Quite Important people on their behalf) but logged out after 20 minutes to go to the cricket, how did it go? Frankly we made them look incredible and I have no idea what they’d have done without us.

Client (B) now wants us to do more work than we were originally contracted for — fine, it’s great that they like our work and want us to develop it. Client (A) asked that we supply our quote for said work through them to maintain the relationships. We put together an extremely reasonable (read: undercharging for the time we know it will take, but trying not to take the piss) but client (A) sent an email saying we can’t send that because it’s for more than they originally paid us. Absolutely furious that because they paid us next to nothing, we can’t ask to be paid almost-properly for loads more work.

Sent an email saying as much, no idea if we’ll still be working with them next week :upside_down_face:

If this is the work from the other day i realised i know an absolute babe of a human working for who i assume is your end client and if they mess you around you should totally forward the email to her. She’s super ethical and cool.


Oh yes it is and I would love to know who that is. Really hoping it doesn’t end up on their plate as it’s not client B’s fault at all, just frustrated at client A presumably protecting their interests by squashing us down.

Really hope she IS a good egg and not the person messing you about. Will DM you!

Had an interview last week. Today the dude emails me to ‘invite me to work for a couple of ours to see if I’m a good fit with the team’.

Is that a bit/lot cheeky? Seems weird to me, but things change I guess.

Yeah feels super cheeky to me (especially if they’re not paying you for it…?). Surely part of the interview process is working out if you’re a good fit with the team?

Also that’s what probation periods are for


A colleague has gone to a conference in Rwanda for work and I need quite important work from her and she has put an out of office on stating that its unlikely she will be able to respond due to the “lack of Wi-Fi in Rwanda”?!


Probably posted about this before, but our work for hotel and travel bookings has an inefficient system where you look up all the times/prices yourself, put it on a spreadsheet for a support team who then put all the same details in.l and book it

Person only did part of my form due to a free text comment that was supposed to make things clearer but just ended up needing more emails

Finally got it sorted…then got an email to say the meeting is cancelled.

Also gonna cost me money as was gonna travel from my parents via the meeting but now need to go home directly from them.

Also means I have to do actual work for the 10hrs I was due to be sat on a train


Half of our company has a booking team that you go through the other half book through a website.

I’m a website one and just book good hotels and when it asks why I’m going overbudget I just put that the hotels available aren’t good enough. Been doing it for years and no one’s said anything.

Have to do more working away with the other half now and end up in shitter hotels because we work in the hotels sometimes and they’re not allowed in the dearer ones

You know when someone accidentally sends an email to an entire massive distribution list that they shouldn’t have, and then you have about 20 people all hitting Reply All and asking “Why am I getting this email? I don’t think this is for me, can I be taken off this list?” again and again, and loads of people Replying To All to complain about people Replying To All and getting increasingly riled?

I usually love this and want to grab some popcorn and feed off the beeves, but we had one of these recently and it went on for about 3 weeks until I was utterly sick of everyone.

It stopped for a few days and then someone presumably came back from leave and started the whole thing up again, amazed people just hit reply without reading the other 50 emails explaining how to remove yourself from the list without asking anyone or the ones telling you not to remove yourself from the list because it’s for software permissions and not an email list.


My favourite of these was one where the director intervened to say “this is clearly a mistake, stop replying” and the next email was in response to him and just said “please can I be removed from this list”.

I quite like stuff like this because it makes me feel like less of a complete idiot.


Sorry @Icarus-Smicarus I don’t think I’m meant to be receiving this message and I’m very busy, please take me off this list going forward.


Work implemented a stupid system where junior people like me have to react to a teams with a :red_circle: / :orange_circle: / :green_circle: emoji depending on your capacity. Everyone defaults to red, of course.

It was my job to send the message every day this week, a job I resent because the system is stupid and I always forget to send it.

So instead I spent an hour using power automate to automatically send the message every weekday. All to avoid a 30 second task each morning.

I can’t say it was a good use of time, but it does feel good to get rid of this pointless task


Spite and distain are actually quite good motivators.

Did some quick calculations and it will take more than a year for this to save anyone any time


In my first year of uni this happened when someone emailed every single fucking email address at the university via a distribution list (this was 2000, simpler times). It went on for days and then onto weeks with people doing those unhelpful replies asking people not to reply to all, and then other people replying to all to point out that they were part of the problem. It just wouldn’t stop.

Eventually, I replied to all with this tongue-in-cheek email titled “How to piss off an entire university” and described what had happened but phrased it as though it were a guide on how to make it happen intentionally. I then received an email from the dean of the university demanding I go to a meeting with him about my “violation of university policies”. I’d only been at uni a few weeks, I was bricking it. I went to the meeting and that prick basically wanted to see me grovel and show how apologetic I was. He was on a full power trip, as though I was the only one who’d caused this problem. I was so green that I did what he said, and apologised profusely, promising it would never happen again.

Fuck that guy for trying to “scare me straight” for sending an email.


In a old job, my absolute bullying cunt of a boss instigated a team stand up thing every week where we had to talk about what we were doing that week, our big wins, what we needed help with, etc. I absolutely hated these because she’d just copied it off another team as well, and was so condescending about anything we did/picked it apart I used to put such minimal effort into them. Literally me emailing my to do list would suffice, she knew what fucking work I was doing because I was doing practically everything (along with my team mate) while she did fuck all. I got told I wasn’t putting enough effort into them in my 1:2:1s, so I started to put even less effort in by going for long loo breaks 10 seconds before they were supposed to start. Bit self destructive, but I was so broken back then by her I didn’t care anymore.


Got an email at 8.51 this morning asking for input for a 9 o’clock meeting.

I was on the shitter. Enjoy your 9.12 reply m8


Don’t know how long it would take to jot down your input, but my first thought is not to rush your morning ‘routine’! The last thing you need is a prolapse


Yeah but in the meeting they’ll be able to say ‘yeah I’ve emailed X about this and they haven’t gone back to me, I’ll chase them up’. Job done