Work irks part 2 (rolling)

(and if you could, you could make it anywhere)

It would require just enough explanation to kill any giggles it may be due.

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Still waiting for our director to sign off some work that she’s had for well over a month now and I’ve given up reminding her about it, as I’ve done so, multiple times as have many others in my team. Tempted to just send the communication out and be done with it.

Backlight on my laptop screen appears to have gone in the time it took me to make coffee :person_shrugging: will be able to hobble through today but think that needs replaced ASAP, unless there’s some software setting I accidentally triggered

I’m being asked to record how I spend my time in terms of hours spent on stuff - I haven’t found an easy way to record this consisently as I am shite with Excel. Is there an app or website where I can record what I’ve done? Ideally I’d want it to produce a report or something at the end of the month saying I’ve spent x hours on this.

If your employer is expecting you (and presumably other employees) to fill in time sheets, I would expect them to provide an excel template, or to sign the organisation up to a timesheet portal/website/app.

At the end of the day, your employer will want the format of the information/data to be consistent across all users, so it’s in their interest to have everyone submitting via the same platform.

yeah… except they haven’t :melting_face:


Edit: sorry this is actually the opposite of what you asked for, I just fuckin love time blocking

I sometimes use time blocking in my calendar or excel to schedule my day, and then will overwrite the block if something comes up eg “11am Meeting cancelled, worked on training course”. This is manual, but it takes me maybe 20 mins at 9am, and I count that as “admin/project management time”.

You can also plot it out over a week on Monday to ring fence time for larger projects, or focus time etc.


Yes I was thinking about doing this, thanks!

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I use Toggl Track

It’s pretty simple and emails me a report every week.


2 hours - sat on dis
2 hours - watching this morning

Not sure I’d be very good if I had to do one of these

Half joking


Thankfully, no one else sees the reports, so I can have entries like

2hr - updated system and updated related documentation
30 mins - argued with idiot about unrelated thing I happen to know about
1 hr - company meeting that could’ve been an email

but I can use my entries to fill in my real timesheets later


I used to use this, seemed decent but didn’t work properly on my work laptop, almost certainly something getting blocked that make it a bit temperamental.

should probably start using something like that again, keep getting asked “you put down X hours on Project Y on your timesheet, but what did you actually do on it?”, but it’s usually like four months later so I don’t remember, surprisingly enough. have a spreadsheet that I was filling in but I simply cba.

I’ve been using RescueTime for a few years for time tracking as I was finding it hard to know where all my time went. I’m self-employed and paid for the premium version for several years as it was a business expense and it was dead worth it when I thought about how much time it helped me to claw back, but there’s a free version with a lot of the same functionality that could be useful for you.

It automatically tracks what windows you have open and the websites you’re using so you can see exactly what you were doing at a certain time. You can mark certain programmes or websites as “productive” so you can separate work stuff from non-work stuff. Might not be exactly what you’re looking for but worth a look.

I think I complained about the inane chatter from some of my office colleagues in the daily thread last time I was in. They’re at it again. Today it’s all about their shock and surprise about how dark it is at this time of day. These are people in their forties. It’s been getting dark this early at this time of year every year for their whole of their lives. And yeah, I’m not a fan of it, but it’s no surprise, surely?!?

A couple of weeks ago I went in and ended up sitting next to three blokes I don’t know and they bored on about motorbikes for a solid hour before I decided to go home

Someone went through some notes I’d written in like script form and put a full stop at the end of each person’s bit speaking with tracked changes on.

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It always takes me by surprise.


A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a conversation at 5 past 8 in the morning, that started with someone asking “so this Israel/Palestine thing, what’s that all about? what side are we supposed to be on?”

There was not enough coffee in the world to engage with that at that time