Work irks part 2 (rolling)

It always takes me by surprise.


A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a conversation at 5 past 8 in the morning, that started with someone asking “so this Israel/Palestine thing, what’s that all about? what side are we supposed to be on?”

There was not enough coffee in the world to engage with that at that time



Free version is fine, I know several patent twats who use it to record their time, and those fuckers bill in six minute increments.

Two irks

Found out third hand that something I’m banking on getting funding was not even submitted. Wondering if the client is ever going to tell me themselves.

Just saw on twitter a guy i like and is usually pretty fair has called out an article i featured in as incorrect even though a) it isnt b) he’s missed the point of it entirely

One small and privileged irk

My company has a large number of shares held in treasury. To raise money and reward staff, long-serving employees will be given the opportunity to purchase these preference shares, with a theoretical return of 12% a year - never realised, more important when the ultimate owner exits.

Normally I would not consider myself eligible. I was only with my employer for two years. However, it has come to my attention that there are a handful of people that started more recently than me that were given this opportunity*.

So, having a bit of a strop about a) the situation and b) the fact that my boss didn’t advocate for me.

I think it’s natural and understandable when you get to my age (mid to late thirties) to want something more than a salary. Do I want to work myself into the ground for an exclusive group to benefit from my toil? Not really. I understand that dynamic when it’s the CEO or something, but these are my peers.

*to invest thousands with a return no sooner than two years from now

This sounds like straight up discrimination to me (unless it’s by hierarchy or something). Has any justification been offered?

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No justification. I’m not supposed to know about this opportunity. Except, no wishing to brag, but I have work friends that told me as much. It’s just a question of those line managers advocating for their direct reports and potentially giving them something to keep them at the company for x years.

Here’s a spicy chaser

I do all the administration for preference shares, so I will eventually know everything

Oh man, at my old age I’m just glad to have a salary still :slight_smile:


I get that. It must be a parabular when graphed

Not my irk, but my pal got made partner at their firm this year and their experience since then has just confirmed my suspicion that these things are largely old boys club pyramid schemes. This isn’t even one of the big monolithic old fashioned firms either, it’s one of the “better” ones.

Decisions still aren’t made out in the open, work is still not distributed fairly (or sensibly), resources aren’t shared if they can instead be leveraged for the benefit of an individual, and - of course - constant dick-swinging politics.

Burn it all to the ground imo.


Huge irk for anyone who has the misfortune to be forced to have any kind of interaction with the Home Office is the propensity of its staff to glom onto any random email address and send all correspondence to that one email address, regardless of whether or not it’s in use and regardless of whether or not they have a named email address that they’ve been corresponding with. They also seem incapable of reading autoreplies. It places a huge burden on anyone working within the immigration “system” as it means you have to monitor loads of mailboxes.

Is this a whole civil service thing or is the HO simply operating on a higher level of incompetence?

I need access to a free piece of software to make my job a bit easier.

Our desktops are all locked down and we use a virtual desktop system so I can’t install it myself. I have requested that ITD include it in their software catalogue. I understand why they can’t go round granting these sorts of requests all the time, but…

I don’t have my own personal laptop or other computer (otherwise I’d have downloaded it on my personal device to use), so getting access via work is the only way I can use it. They’ve just said “no”. So irked. Tempted to buy myself a laptop and expense it but probably taking the piss a bit. I’m not gonna shell out for a laptop myself because I have no need for one. Fucking irksome. They’ve told me if I really need it for urgent business reasons I should put in another request so that the legal team (???) can look into the terms of the license.

Just can’t be arsed, mates. It’s literally just a free piece of software to allow me to edit MARC records, which our library management system can’t replicate in the same way.

Absolutely hate this shit. Last job I was in, a new senior person came in and suddenly started blocking any new tool use requests saying they needed thorough security audits first which she “wouldn’t even be putting the request in for at least six months”. Meanwhile, she got a load of useless, expensive tools that her old employer used to make approved instead.

It got me so mad I ended up escalating it to one below the CEO of the company saying it was proactively obstructing us meeting deadlines and that the “six months” approach was arbitrary, and also meant that multiple tools we already use and rely on were technically “in breach”. Lots of sympathetic “aw man, that sucks, I’ll see what I can do” and nothing ucking changed.

Ended up leaving the company, fuck that.

Literally the only person in the building not invited to current meeting. Thats how to run a business. Please God can they make me redundant.


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