Work irks part 2 (rolling)

Get on my level.


Does your employer generally get good value for money with your time?

I got “Above Average” in my 6 months review a few weeks back.

It’s only from 9 days ago so i reckon I can let it stew for another 23 months

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A ringing endorsement – well done!

What’s the average like?

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Not sure, can’t be very good though.

Once had an “Average” and my boss had a moan that I was happy with it. If everyone’s “Good”, then the average is whatever the good criteria is. Said I was keeping it real. Turn up, do job, finish job, go home, repeat.


Our tiers are “exceeded expectations”, “fully met expectations”, “generally met expectations”, and “did not meet expectations”.


I think at one point we had “Outstanding”, “Good”, and “Needs Improvement”, without a “Yeah they’re fine” option. If I’m “Outstanding” then I’m either overqualified and/or underpaid, so see ya later losers! :laughing:

We have: Exceptional, Very Strong, Strong, Inconsistent and Action Required

What if I’m inconsistently strong?

Action Required


Just had someone email my boss because I haven’t responded to an email he sent <1hr ago.

Someone’s not getting an answer today.


New(ish) guy who sits opposite me clips his nails loudly at his desk every couple of days. I stare incredulously every single time hoping that he flinches but he never does.

Defenestration is too good for them.


Don’t understand how anyone can think that is reasonable behaviour for anywhere other than their own home.


bloke sat behind me’s seat squeaks when he moves from side to side. He doesn’t realise as he has headphones on. He also has a rubiks cube which he plays with all the time. This also irritates me. And today he had fish for lunch. At his desk. UNACCEPTABLE.

Those are basically all the signs for a sociopath! The fish thing is the worst though - total contempt for other people’s olfactories!

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