Work irks part 2 (rolling)

Remember when you were not that into this series?

So into it that I thought I was posting in the evening thread!!! :joy:


The fucking drilling is still going on. Kill me now.

“can you keep it the same size but make it bigger”

no. no, I cannot.


Take it to the physics thread

I’ve just had to tackle some homophobic BS in the office :triumph:

(Colleague in response to an email about the company doing Pride stuff) “No I don’t want to join you for pride, maybe I will when we have a straight pride day” etc. Then when I pointed out that cishets haven’t been and aren’t still demonized, criminalized and persecuted like the lgbtq community I got “oh, let’s not get in to this, everyone’s been persecuted haven’t they” and that’s when I walked away. this was coming from someone in a management position too and I’m fucking livid.

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Ok, maybe walking away wasn’t tackling it, but this person has a notoriously awful temper and I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of it.

Piss in their top drawer.

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update - just bought some WD40 on lunch and have lubed his chair up whilst he isn’t there.


Is there an HR department you can report them to? That’s absolutely not on, especially from someone in a management position.


Yeah came in to say this. Maybe even do it anonymously so no fear of reprisal.

Woulda done it with his blood personally!

Fuck that arsehole. I’d be having a good chat with HR


I’m too nice. Hang on he’s back. Better go before he sees this !

Still fucking squeaking. FFS

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Maybe it’s his spine.

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Stockpiling halloumi in his pants?


:joy: can you be wily and swap his chair for someone’s that’s far far away?!

No because he is really particular about his chair. Has his name on it.

Have you said, “mate why’s your chair squeaking?”