Work leaving drinks/events

Quite like a good leaving drinks. Obviously depends on who’s leaving and who attends but I do like a good one. Only go out with my work lot about 2 or 3 times a year anyway.

Do what everyone wants to do but nobody ever does: start settling old scores. Make sure those bridges are well and truly torched.


I prefer to think of it more as not missing out.

going for a leaving lunch of someone I barely know tomorrow - but i will look like a killjoy if I don;t go, and it means i get to have a burrito for lunch so…

This is an annoying dilemma.

When I first started where I currently work I was roped into going to a leaving lunch for someone I hadn’t ever spoken to, but I knew if I didn’t go I would be forever vilified in the office

i like drinks. i like bleach. i wouldn’t like to drink bleach.
i like eating nuts. i like dogs. i wouldn’t like it if a dog ate my nuts.
i like aeroplanes. i like bouncy castles. i wouldn’t like it if an aeroplane crashed into my bouncy castle.


it’s no dilemma if i’m being honest - we are going to the good Burrito place so I;m going

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Sorry, a tad irked based on the last leaving do I was at, at which a younger member of staff got so drunk she puked on the floor by the bar, and fell asleep on a couch. I was all set to sneak out so I could get a Five Guys to eat on the Thameslink home, but ended up having to take her back in an Uber with the driver informing me that if she was sick in the car, I’d have to pay. She messaged me on Slack the next day asking if I had been in her cab as she had no memory of the journey home.

Actually… I guess the moral still stands. Don’t invite any Dads, as we probably don’t want to go in the first place, and we won’t get paid back for Ubers.

“You can also come along to make sure I actually leave!!!111!!!”


When I first started my current job, I got invited for a leaving lunch for some guy on the team so went along.

Turns out the guy had interviewed for the job I got but wasn’t good enough to do the job so they had to let him go.

Someone made me aware of this midway through the lunch when it became a GOODBYE JOHN, WELCOME MEOWINGTON mini speech toast thing :woman_facepalming:


I was asked if I wanted a leaving do when I left I said no thanks

When my friend left it was ridiculous. A boat was hired to take everyone along the river for a party, an old colleague was flown over from another country free drinks all over the place. She wanted to leave early so I drove her somewhere else. I went back and everyone had got really druggy so I went home.

Stop hiring boats.


The ageing goth was made redundant from my workplace last year. About half of the department went to his leaving drinks at the local-ish Brewdog. I asked him what he wanted to do next. He replied, “I’d like to be a one man ISIS.” I am hoping that attending his leaving do means I’ll be spared.

Perhaps he meant he was going to start a one man post metal band.


knew you miserable bunch would be all dead against these

leaving drinks are fine


No, he’d only kill people that I also don’t much care for, I’m sure. :wink:

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It didn’t get to the stage where reporting would’ve been appropriate, nothing would’ve come of it and it was outside the workplace and one of the girls no longer worked there. We’d just gone back to the girls flat for more drinks and the atmosphere quickly became extremely toxic, never experienced anything like it tbh

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Inside outside makes no difference. I remember one of my old bosses trying to make a thing of it back at work after I’d playfully tried to swing a punch at one of my staff at one of our work dos. Stupid bosses take everything so seriously.

Always felt weird and egotistical organising my own. After my first couple of jobs I decided I’d rather not bother. Fortunately my last day at my last job was also the day it was announced we’d just been bought and that the new owners were putting a load of money behind the bar. Everyone got munted, it was class.

This is why it’s always best to leave a job quickly, under a cloud.