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I dunno how people cope in work meetings. I was just sat in one for an hour, I could almost feel the life drain out of me. Do you ever look at people in there and wonder how they manage to pretend to be interested in whatever guff is escaping from their mouth (they are pretending aren’t they).

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Just come off the back of three weeks worth of having an all-day long meeting at least four out of the five week days.

I have a very senior work colleague who often falls asleep in meetings, often to the delight of the rest of my colleagues and the CEO. I doubt I’d get the same reception.

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I’ve got one of those and a visit next week. I’m honestly not sure how I’ll do it.

Depends on the meeting. The ones that only exist so my boss can blow his own horn (steady) are a bit tedious.

I had 6 (six) meetings yesterday.

Literally no point in me being at a meeting, don’t take anything in don’t say a word

totally pointless but if you want me to do no work and drink coffee for an hour then i’m fine with it

Imagine taking the minutes :dizzy_face:

Muggins here has to do it to free up more of the boss’s time to blow his own horn.

could you not blow his horn for him and let him do it

Minute this!

points to crotch

EDIT: just realised that minute also can mean ‘tiny’.


Very glad that I have hardly any meetings.

That is the ideal solution, but unfortunately the Atlantic Ocean is in the way.

There is an important distinction to be made here between Meetings, and Meetings With Accompanying Sandwiches/Scotch Eggs/Sausage Rolls.

I don’t like eating in front of people.

If they’re gonna make me sit in a room talking shite for an hour, I’m gonna eat Scotch Egg at 'em.

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The thing is, jobs are bullshit, and they’ve got to pad it out somehow

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jobs are at best, the lesser of two evils

Meetings that you can burn through and get through a lot of stuff I find fine. It’s the ones where people go in circles over the same shit and drag what should be a five minute discussion into twenty minutes is frustrating as fuck.


On my way to a meeting today I got completely distracted because of something I saw. This young lad (who has a big picture of his dog on the desk next to a bigger “Carlisle United FC” badge crest), got my attention. While sitting down he nonchalantly grabbed a can of Lynx and started spraying loads of it all over the outside of his shirt.

Spent the whole hour long meeting trying to decide if that’s a weird thing to do or not. I’m going with weird. Still on my mind, as you can tell.