Work (near) crime

You can walk into my work as a member of the public but my office has two way (one way?) mirrored glass. This morning a couple of dodgy geezers came right up to the window, cupped their hands and peered in. When they caught site of me they turned on their heels and pegged it out. I look like Arnie bred with the Rock, of course.

Then I walked out at lunch and in an empty lot a couple up from ours there was the babylon and they had locked in a load of caravans and people.

This is my story.

You what?

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That’s a gripping story

It’s all in there!

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What’s your work address please?

isn’t two way glass just a window?


that’s very poetic japes

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Are you a member of Boney M?

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Street talk for smeris

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and what does this have to do with caravans?

I guess you would consider it a perving mirror.

Depends where he parks the taxi

so were they travellers? and the filth had caught up with them?

I am quite confused.

Based on his use of slang, we think @anon29812515 offices are in:

  • Kingston upon Thames
  • Kingston upon Hull
  • Kingston, Jamaica

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I believe they are travellers moving into a vacant lot near us, now locked in by the polis. I, although possibly jumping to conclusions (although I saw one of them at the lock in), believe that had wanted to rob me laptop and phone.

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this was my reading of events, yes.

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This is essentially it but missing the part why I terrify them with my hulking physique.


maybe they’d called the police out of fear, to gain protection from you?


This almost scans with the verse of ‘All That She Wants’ by Ace of Base.