Work online pub quiz/games - suggestions??

We are still working in isolation here in Melbourne

I’ve been tagged with running Zoom pub quizzes for team building. We’ve had one crack at it so far, with reasonable results

Looking for suggestions for activities we can have participants do as a challenge. Last time we had a bonus round where they had to find the oldest expiry date for food in their fridge - some people are gross!

Any ideas/suggestions???

Hide & seek

Supermarket sweep

Largest receptacle

Stacking objects

We did a quiz with our NCT group near the start of lockdown and on set of parents work in the art world - their round was to show us a famous work of art and we had to re-enact it just using what’s about.

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We’ve been playing Werewolf… we’d been playing it before lockdown a lot in the pub, and have been doing a version that works on Zoom, which is pretty much like this:

Pretty popular in the office for a game based around deception and killing each other! Seems to loosen people up and get them chatting.

Find and inflate biggest inflatable

Thanks all for the tips - good stuff!