Work Pen



I realised that I sort of have unfettered access to stationery (as long as I keep my head below the parapet) so ordered a twelve pack of these badboys:


I have a pen I have a work
Work pen


I’m glad it’s all coming together for you down under.


Big fan of these, but there’s fuck-all chance of getting them ordered


i only use these:


More of a pen island fan myself


but then i’m a really big important type


Are you a left handed writer?


no, but i only order these because i like the click action, which clearly irritates everyone else, which makes me like it even more


Stop. maosoam is a prefect?


They’re cheap and cheerful but I use these at work. I like em.

Black one though, obvs. I’m not a fucking idiot.


I use a separate dog clicker for all my work-based clicking needs:


maybe i should get one of those


I have seven of those in a box in my drawer. I have a lot of pens.


That a uniball eye (the pen of dreams)?


You’re a maniac.

Share them out.

You can’t have them buried with you.

Well, you can but you can’t use them when you’re dead.


you know what i like? a mechanical pencil

yeah. you heard.


Still getting through my stock of free conference pens. Currently rocking a fine metal one from FA Simms and Partners, whoever they are.


Can’t be arsed finding a photo, but I used to use these great black felt tip pens. I stopped forking out for them as people kept borrowing them and pressing on really fucking hard.



i use a pencil when going through the numbers