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You got any going on?


Nothing serious. I just bottle it all up and wallow in my violent revenge fantasies these days. Like an adult.


The person I mentioned before who was threatening to hand her notice in has actually pulled the trigger. Waiting on the fallout now.


I must have missed this story?


Yeah I’m bottled up at present but can definitely feel myself having a large snap at people very soon.


Our entire US lot are incompetent, negligent, or both. Except the business thinks the sun shines out of their arse.

Which means half the UK folk spend a lot of time and energy trying to undermine the US folk. All round great use of everyone’s time.


Just found out about a really important thing happening in a few weeks and my colleagues and underlings are already going out of their way to undermine me

Any way, I’d best get back to the campaign trail


Do have an absolute cracker of a story that I can’t share, but one of our recent leavers did the full “go nuclear” option in the run up to resigning - including instigating internal investigations against folk and bringing complaints against people with their professional bodies/regulators. Then fucked off into the sunset.


Does this have to relate directly to this morning’s announcement?

Because one of my coworkers handed in her notice this morning. This means:

  1. From next Wednesday, there’ll only be three people working here, including me.
  2. From next Wednesday, it’ll just be the management and me. The management are married to each other.
  3. From next Wednesday I’ll be doing two peoples jobs.

Not a good day.


2 sounds awks


It’s awkward anyway. With just me here, it’s going to start feeling like they’re my weirdly aloof parents.


Oh, apparently I’ve managed to make the higher ups realise that my (US) predecessor was a muppet without actually throwing them under the bus, so that’s gratifying.

This isn’t usually my style, but I inherited a fucking mess and when things start to go horribly wrong I want it to be clear that it’s genuinely not my fault.


I get on really well with my colleagues and we make a great team :slightly_smiling_face:


My colleague in this office who left recently is being replaced by someone 120 miles away because ‘CENTRALISATION’ (they’ve got a shiny new office block to fill, basically). When it was first suggested everyone on our team said it was a shit idea that won’t work (and it won’t, it will be a fucking disaster), a couple of senior people in the department we work with ‘voiced their concerns’ too. But it’s happening anyway, the argument being that it works with other teams who do a completely different job to us, but come under the same area of the business.

The manager who’s operation is ultimately affected by this has been holiday for the past 3 weeks and doesn’t know its definitely going ahead - She’s back on Thursday and I reckon she’ll go absolutely ballistic. Should be fun.

It’s also pay review time, which means my boss’ boss will be making one of his twice yearly visits and pretending to be interested in what we do for 5 minutes - I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share my thoughts with him about it.


So, I’ve just received an email saying that funding has finally been approved to extend the project I’m working on for another 12 months.

On the flip side, this means I have to re-apply for the role I am currently doing as it is being made permanent (I’m currently seconded since a year ago today, actually, from a lower pay-grade). This is fuelling my lack of self-confidence, I am desperately trying not to convince myself that some analytical merlin is going to apply and send me spiralling back to my ‘substansive’ job role which, I’ve never actually properly performed.


I think I complained about it one evening when I was really fed up. Basically the CEO is really hard to get on with, and my colleague cracked. Then they offered her a promotion over me to make her stay (which I think is pretty shitty given her output) which she has now rejected and stuck to her guns (she said she negotiated that she would take it IF everyone in the team got better hours and more holidays). So I don’t know where this will leave me.


people won’t stop FUCKING COUGHING


Based on this, this situation has been so catastrophically managed it makes me want to weep. Start ups eh?


I guess as a general beeve, my boss is also a member of my team for day to day purposes, and he’s fucking useless at the day to day stuff. But I can’t complain about it, because he’s my boss.


Autocratic CEO/founders for the win!