Work Question...

If you could change one thing at your workplace - one policy or benefit, etc, anything at all, from safety issues to representation to general culture, pay, hours, duties, whatever, what would it be?

To put it another way, if you were going for a new job, what one thing would make you see a prospective new employer as progressive and staff-focussed?

Guess there will be quite a broad range of answers as some of us will work for huge faceless corporations and others smaller companies. I do a pretty run-of-the-mill job with virtually no benefits, so i’d say:

  • Pay all staff at least the National Living Wage.

  • Allow staff to pick their own set hours to accomodate things like childcare, second jobs, learning, partner’s hours, recreational stuff, etc.

  • Put in place a more sensible, mature sick day process, so no reasons needed, no culture of separating physical and mental health issues, multiple ways of contact, no pressure to return to work, etc.


Flexible working (which I kinda do already but it would be nice to be official so I do not feel guilty about it)

Get paid for the hours I do above my contract

Otherwise the jobs I do have pretty good benefits and working conditions so I can’t complain too much

Get rid of all the Americans.

better coffee machine


Free BC

The problems here are too numerous to list, but I reckon morale would go through the roof if someone sorted out the smell.


A proper commitment to flexible working


a guarantee that I’d never have to work in an open plan office ever again

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Ban anyone from playing in the inter-company lunchtime football if they care about the result of the matches in the slightest.


2 things but related. Better pay and if I’ve done over time pay me for it and not take it off me when it suits them.

An end to scepticism/mistrust of working from home arrangements and a move away from the idea that people should all be working in a big building together at all times.


This is a huge one here. Last week I had two calls that started at 7am and no-one batted an eyelid. Did that stop me getting the full “good afternoon!” treatment when I came in late on Friday? Reader, it did not.


Allow people to listen to music on headphones when working on projects that dont require telephones

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  1. Pay me at contractor rates
  2. Never expect me to be in the office as it is totally unnecessary for my job

I don’t know what this means.

This is actually my genuine one tbh. Office dog(s) would be a gamechanger


Not even really kidding about the Americans. Literally 100% of internal issues I’ve had here have been wholly caused by American lawyers. They’re all utterly amoral absolute liabilities.

Ive seen people around dogs. They would get nothing done

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Being freelance I think there should be a system whereby when you’re hired the funds are put into a holding account and when the work is completed and approved the funds get released, a bit like People Per Hour. It’s ludicrous how many big companies will just sit on your money or treat paying you like a very low priority inconvenience.

This is my boss, only he’s allowed to work from home, the rest of us can’t be trusted. Except one guy who moved to Scotland :woman_shrugging: