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I’ve scheduled a call for 5.30 am next Monday so my American boss won’t dial into it but the absolute madman has gone and accepted the invitation anyway.

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Birth control…?

Yes you do

2/3 office cats would be a godsend around here. They could stop having to pay pest control

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I think you shouldn’t be allowed to email someone if you’re working within 10meters of them

I worked somewhere (pretty sure I have told this before) where they had ‘eyemail Fridays’ where you weren’t allowed to email anyone in your building.

Usually it’s for insurance reasons. Pretty much anywhere where a lot if manual labour gets done can’t have them in case the dog escapes into the warehouse/production line etc and starts being a knob.

Might just do this tbh

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How many non genuine miles on the clock?

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160000 insincere miles

  • I would like to run my own fire engine pizza company where I dress up a bit like a fireman and cook and serve pizza
  • I would not like this

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This is a key one for me. As a consultancy we bill by the hour and our utilisation % is really important, so why when I’m doing 50-60 hour weeks do I not get the benefit of that in my pay given the company is directly receiving that in terms of income, and by accelerating through projects we open up our availability for more work in the future.

System is fucked.

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This is an excellent point. I also bill clients, yet get nothing for it. It’s particularly frustrating that I have to be able to bill 7:30 hours every single day, even if I’ve billed 16 hours the day before because of travel.

I do this, but not half as often as I do fuck all during work hours. Not even close.


Better opportunities for career progression (third sector is TERRIBLE for it).

Not hugely arsed about most other things in the workplace. Just leave me alone to get on with my job and we’re cool.

Noticed people signing off emails here now with:

‘whilst it suits me to email during non-standard hours, I do not expect you to read or reply to them outside of your normal hours’ or something. Just reads like a shitty humblebrag tbh and doesn’t improve the culture at all.


Job 1. Living wage. Bring outsourced workers in house. My work claims to pay living wage while outsourcing a lot of support staff to companies that don’t.

Job 2. Set hours instead of getting a text in the morning saying to come in at 6pm instead of 11am

Job 3. Projects that don’t end without warning leaving everyone out of work. Classify contractors as employees

Job 4. Hourly wage, classify contractors as employees, increased wage to pay for expenses.

Automatic membership of the One Big Union

Finding it really hard to single one thing out, but I think on balance what I’d like would be a standard base pay rise each year, covering all staff in all departments, agreed with all the unions, as opposed to the current situation where not only do the unions negotiate different rates (fucking each other over in the process), but in one case two branches of the same union negotiate different rates.

Or maybe just a pay rise. Just the one.

^this. the head of faculty here has “I aspire to a healthy work life balance :slightly_smiling_face:” in his email signature. the introductory documents (that he wrote) we received also said “this is NOT a 9 to 5 job”. fuck off.

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