Work tea/coffee sitch [Audit]

we haven’t had this thread for at least a month i reckon.

does your place of work provide tea/coffee?

  • Y
  • N
  • Not on officebook

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How’s the quality?

  • Pwopa coffee, nice teas
  • Pods/other half-decent, serviceable shiz
  • Absolutely bog standard (nescafe, PG tips)
  • I already told you they don’t provide anything!!!

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how much you rinsing it?

  • completely taking the piss
  • use it a fair amount
  • don’t use it very much
  • never use it

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would you consider chucking in a few quid for nicer stuff?

  • Y
  • N
  • undecided, dunno, not sure, maybe

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how many posh coffees/hot drinks you buying a week instead of using work stuff?

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7+ (i have a coffee problem)

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rate your caffeine intake

  • excessive
  • moderate
  • mild
  • n/a

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coffee/tea chat allowed

no ‘0’ for posh coffees/teas…


Another downside/upside to working from home - I have really nice hot drinks, but I have to buy them myself. Boo.

:open_mouth: that’s unpossible!

Used to have a Nespresso machine, they took it away along with the free biscuits. Still angry about it.

There’s filter coffee but it’s BOGGING, I don’t know how they do it so poorly. I bought an Aeropress and a Hario dripper with the intention of taking one into work but I cba and now infuriate my gf by regularly switching which one I prefer at home.

Not fussed about the tea situation though, not going to be precious about them not having Assam or whatever.

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Poll needs more branch logic.


  • I buy my own teabags but contribute towards a communal milk fund
  • If I’m in the office I’m in today (c. once a week) I bring my own teabags and milk. There’s a vending machine but the tea is absolutely bogging and there is only so much creamichoc one can drink in a day.
  • I’m typically on 4 mugs of tea a day. Anything less and I get withdrawal headaches. Anything much more and I get twitchy. I’m a sensitive flower.
  • I don’t drink coffee so my hot drink expenditure is pretty minimal
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Even if I were to buy a coffee, it would be from a Starbucks type place, but preferably the instant stuff from greasy spoons.

Nowhere on my way to work to buy one. Prefer not to leave the house at weekends if at all possible.

Great polling here m876.

We have Twinings tea bags (Everyday, English breakfast and earl grey) and also some unbranded ones in a bowl. Coffee is Nespresso commercial pods - we have a few different ones. Semi-skimmed and skimmed milk in the fridge. Sugar if needed.

As soon as I arrive at the office I have a coffee (grey Nespresso pod). Teas at ~10.30, 12ish; and then a couple more times in the afternoon. My colleage and I have a stash of herbal and green teas, sometimes we’ll have one of these, and sometimes I’ll add an afternoon coffee into the mix.

I very rarely buy a posh coffee while at work. I used to go to Wild and Wood every day in the morning but I stopped because spending like a tenner a week on other coffees is a bit silly (for me). When we went through that hot spell I’d get an iced coffee a couple of times a week as a treat. Might start doing that for a nice long black soon.

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Think the tea is substandard pg tips shite, and the coffee is granulated and dispensed through a machine. Utter toss.

Have maybe 2 cups of tea a day, and I’ve never had a cup of work coffee. Luckily my place has a coffee bar for customers, so maybe one a week from there

We have a £3 a month tea and coffee fund but I don’t partake because I’m not on caffeine book

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they have a bucket of dogshit last resort misery granules but most folk bring in their own stuff.

would chip in for a fancy machine or something but no one else here really drinks coffee so can’t see it happening.

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Buy one for yourself, stick it in your desk and don’t let anyone else use it. That’ll learn 'em.

i’ve got a cafetiere and a v60 drip thing too. alternate between those and slightly better quality instant pish depending on how much i can be bothered fucking around with it

Yeah they just get wrecked and never cleaned enough. We have cafetieres here but it’s too dicey, some proper wronguns who dont know what theyre doing.

  • I’m in one of those weird offices where you have to make tea for colleagues
  • I’m in an office with reasonable adult human beings

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I think some of the finance lots do drink rounds, but us proper adults in the IP department are fully capable of taking care of our own needs.

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“have to” ?

usually drink water at work.
Have a coffee at home before work.
sometimes get a proper coffee from the one of two coffee shops in the office (stuff they sell is like rocket fuel, but espressos taste rubbish… so Americano it is)
The free stuff they provide is all own brand tea bags and coffee granules. I have a box of Yorkshire tea bags in my locker for the 3 days a year I fancy a tea.
there’s low level grumbling when someone uses the office milk provided for hot drinks (either green or red, no blue :confused: ) for their cereal