Work woes

Only 498 to go!

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Sure :grinning: What do you want to know?

Oh. I mean, no…


Yeah - I guess the point I was making was that ‘project manager’ is often used to cover a wide range of jobs/roles etc, some of which are very 'PRINCE2) and some of which aren’t. I think someone who relied on PRINCE" certification wouldn’t get a job very easily in our team of ‘project managers’.

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kind of bored as no big project atm. Kind of irked I’m underpaid. Would like to go freelance and get £400 a day, but would have to travel. Might become a plasterer and get that. lol idk whatamilikelol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:um:

Yeah the ones who rely on that might get the job here, but they’re generally not particularly useful.

Again today:

Everyone can go home an hour earlier than they would have.

Or to the Craft Beer Pub if you like. Before all the Friday night drinkers start crowding us out.

You salary or hourly rate?

Salary. :grinning:


Just worried that if work levels are so low that we’re all leaving an hour early every day that they’ll be wanting to make redundancies.

Oh of course that’s a worry. Go to the pub to forget about it now and use your hour off on Monday to update your cv just in case. Win win

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That’s the plan!

I have been fixing other peoples’ shitty work all day and haven’t managed to get around to any of my own tasks yet, since aforementioned shitty work has been blocking me.


The meeting was moved to today instead. Something to do with availability of rooms. It was just a regular department meeting so we brought up the subject under AOB.

Apparently, the official figures say that we’re no less productive than last year or the year before. We’re just more efficient, better at our jobs, more accurate so that fewer jobs need to come back for amends.

Two years ago it was a good day if we turned around 30 jobs between us. We’re generally doing around that many now. We’re just quicker and better at it.

More work is due before the end of the summer though when the 2019 and some 2020 jobs start coming in.

Free time off for being better at your jobs. Sound

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If we’re too good, though, they might make someone redundant…

so you need to be a little bit shit, but not so shit that it makes the redundancy decision easy for them?

If there is a redundancy, it won’t be me. There’s a list of criteria. I have no complaints against me from HR. I’ve not lost my end of your bonus due to fucking up too many times (not at all actually). I’ve been awarded extra bonuses for getting merits from customers for doing a job above and beyond what was required. If there is a redundancy it’ll be someone else.

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Too hot to close the window

But the window being open means stuff is constantly flying off my desk. Doesn’t matter if something heavy is on it 99% of the time: when I actually want to use it, it flies across the room. WHY IS IT SUCH A FUCKING WIND TUNNEL???

Is this the definitive thread where we moan about work stuff? I wanna make sure I get it right? There’s another one isn’t there where is that?

This is your main one I think.