Work woes


Do you have a Traffic/Workflow Manager at your place? If so I can imagine they’re actually enjoying the peace…


He’s looking for a new job. A colleague overheard him talking about it on the phone today.


Is there scope for you guys to market yourselves, go out and win work?

I work in information/research and I work/ed for large global organisations (current one has 6-7 times your number of staff). My organisation has an offshore centre in India that does what we do, but we still keep our jobs by offering something more (local knowledge, responsiveness, the benefit of being in the same building - just like you guys). But people have to know about us, you know? Is your manager doing any promotion? Or would that not work in your environment?

Good luck anyway - sounds like a good idea to be looking for work.


Is anyone on here a general project manager? Like not IT or boring stuff likw that but like fun normal stuff?


I’m a project manager in a publishing company. It’s sort of a mix between project management of books and editorial work (much more of the former).


Do you know any good books or free online courses?


I used to be.


Do you know any good books or free online courses?


I’ve been on a few paid courses in PRINCE2 but didn’t bother doing any reading. the reality of the situation was that no one really cared about its principles enough to properly see them all through.

did you have a particular ‘method’ in mind that your work uses, or tries to use?

UK government uses prince2 btw.


Not really - to be honest I sort of fell into it and have learned through bitter experience and fucking a lot of things up.

I don’t think anyone I work with has done a specific course (PRINCE2, scrum certification or anything) so I think it sort of depends what type of thing you want to do.


After I was asked to do some project management at work (for no extra money lol) I spoke to actual project managers and their answer was always:

Prince2 and experience

After reading some samples of prince2, I decided project management wasn’t for me. Mate loves it though, telling other people what to do, can’t get enough of that shit.


The overall manager here says he’s contacting different parts of the company to get work given to us. One colleague in our building has stopped giving the work to an outside supplier after having to wait three weeks for a quite simple illustration and then giving up and coming to us after she realised what we do. The manager has got us some work in from the Oxford building, and from another London office. Reckons he’s talking to people in Asia and elsewhere in Europe about not using outside suppliers and coming to us instead. It’s a case of old habits die hard for a lot of them, I think.


Pretty much everywhere, in my experience, wants Prince 2 or an equivalent (APM) as a minimum. You just read up to pass and bite your lip at the total nonsense made up definitions


Shame that Prince’s second album was called Prince because replying ‘Prince?’ to a PRINCE2 post would be confusing. However if it had been Controversy or Dirty Mind it would have been hilarious and would probably have been the first post to pass 500 likes.


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Sure :grinning: What do you want to know?

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Yeah - I guess the point I was making was that ‘project manager’ is often used to cover a wide range of jobs/roles etc, some of which are very 'PRINCE2) and some of which aren’t. I think someone who relied on PRINCE" certification wouldn’t get a job very easily in our team of ‘project managers’.


kind of bored as no big project atm. Kind of irked I’m underpaid. Would like to go freelance and get £400 a day, but would have to travel. Might become a plasterer and get that. lol idk whatamilikelol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:um:


Yeah the ones who rely on that might get the job here, but they’re generally not particularly useful.


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