Workday Hydration Regime

  • Constant sipper
  • Occasionally remember I should be sipping and take a few massive swigs
  • Fill up my bottle then forget about it all day
  • Occasional small cups
  • No water (!)
  • Other, maverick option

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  • Big fuck off reusable
  • Single use bottle repurposed as a reusable
  • Glass/cup
  • Bottled water?
  • Other

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Tend to get all my workday drinking done in two distinct sessions.

0930: Cup of coffee immediately followed up with one pint of water, both fully consumed within 10 mins of each other

1600: Cup of tea immediately followed up with one pint of water, both fully consumed within 10 mins of each other

Should be drinking buckets of water since I’m down with the flu not really a massive water drinker so I’ve mostly been drinking green tea

Currently aim to go through my 750ml bottle twice per day, once before and once after lunch.

Approx. 70% success rate

Couple of coffees/teas/beers usually do me. No need for extra

  • Raw tap water
  • Bottled
  • Sparkling
  • Brita
  • Squash!

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Get enough from hot drinks and food, as I am a “human being”


Constantly up and down to the watercooler

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there’s a person here who claims they don’t like the taste of water

  • valid opinion
  • giant baby and should be ridiculed as such

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(Tap with an inbuilt filter)



Tap water tastes better in different parts of the country

  • Obviously true
  • “water doesn’t taste of anything” idiot opinion

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Can’t imagine you drinking coffee. Seems like the kind of thing you’d dismiss as pretentious for being slightly bitter

the temperature fluctuates so fucking much in this office; it’s normally freezing, so my water consumption is almost nothing, but recently it’s been so fucking hot so i’ve been drinking a lot of water. try and remember to have a big glass after riding into work but normally don’t because silly brain makes me forget.

Much like {diser}

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Friend from the south of England tried to claim that Scottish tap water ‘tastes funny’ - yeah that’ll be the lack of limescale

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I’ll refer you back to my thread about getting a latte

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You missed the coffee thread then?

Don’t lump all of the south together please. The North East Essex water is fine, nothing like that London muck