Working 9 to 5

Not the way we make our living, it seems

Although, now I think about it, I’m not sure most people working 9 to 5 has ever really been a thing given the number of non office-based jobs which have traditionally had different, and in some cases longer, hours (retail, healthcare, manufacturing, etc).

Anyway, let’s have some polls.

  • Work 9 to 5
  • Work other hours
  • Don’t work for whatever reason

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  • Start before 9
  • Start at 9
  • Start after 9

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  • Finish before 5
  • Finish at 5
  • Finish after 5

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  • Work set hours
  • Flexitime
  • Work whenever I fucking like

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The study found most full-time workers would like to start work at 8am and finish by 4pm, hours chosen by 37% of those surveyed. The second most popular choice was 7am to 3pm, chosen by 21% of those surveyed.

I’m all for getting home earlier, but getting out of bed earlier as well? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • I have had to work the set hours of 9-5
  • I have never had to do this

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I’m guessing 12-3pm wasn’t an option.


I say 9-5 but once or twice a week I’m in until 5.30 and will take some TOIL maybe or a longer lunch break.


My official working hours are 9-4.50 but I normally do 8.30-whenever. Classes run 9-4 so I’m supposed to be in the building between those hours.

I’ve only ever worked 9-5 as part of a shift pattern including 8-4, 10-6 and a flex week.

Generally work 7-4 (3pm if it’s a short day) and 12-8/1-9 if on a late shift. Haven’t ever worked 9-5

8:30-4:30 Though other people in my office, probs on same contract, seem to work/want to work 8-6+ or some stupid prick hours

8.45 to 5.15 Mon-Thurs, shorter on a Friday (4.30? Dunno). It’s a remnant of it mostly being a manufacturing site.

In practice I’m there 9 till half five-ish every day and ignore the early leaving on Friday, because I’m such a ruddy bloody grafter. Or like routine. One of the two.

I do 7.20 to 4.45ish. Bit longer on a Monday, bit shorter on a Friday.

Please read this post twice to get the full benefit.

FUCK that/blaze it

9 to 5:30, Monday to Friday.
I also work 9am to 9pm one of those days, but this week I’m doing two long days.

Currently work 8:30am - 5pm, which means getting up at 6:30am. Not gonna lie it’s hard going since I’ve spent the past 8 years staying up at 4:30am - 6am every night and waking up at 12pm.

I won’t lie my new work shift is making me miserable but if I wasn’t here I’d just be miserable at home instead.

Was in at 6.50 yesterday.