Working from home at Christmas time

For those of you who are working from home a lot more this year compared with last year:

  • I feel more Christmassy this year
  • I feel less Christmassy this year
  • I feel about the same

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  • I’m eating more
  • I’m eating less
  • I’m eating about the same

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It’s something that I’ve been mulling over. It’s going to feel really weird sitting at home on Christmas Eve with my laptop on. (I’m not sure how much work I’m going to get done but I’m required to at least be on call!) I feel like I’m missing something by not being in the office at this time of year, though I’m not sure what that something is. Maybe it’s just the buzz of activity etc.

Definitely eating less though. There’s nobody bringing in Celebrations every day here.

Feel free to add your own polls.

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So I guess WFH over Christmas has been a thing for at least 10 years for me. We do support so it’s rare there aren’t some days (not the bank holidays thankfully) at Christmas that I have to work.

It’s never very strenuous though (touch wood) as our customers tend to be quiet too.

It doesn’t impact my Christmasness much.

TBH summer in December does the most to kill it for me.

Aye, same here. No chocolates and snacks. January is arguably worse in the office as people start crazy diets and take in their leftovers chocs to get rid of them.

I really miss the fun stuff the social committee at my old work used to organise, it was quizzes, a raffle, Christmas jumper competition, decorating your desks, all great fun and was completely optional as well, just made December a lot easier and nicer. Plus, we were on shut down for 10 days, so it was a short month and I’m pretty sure nearly everyone spent the rest of the time walking about eating cakes other people had brought in and doing naff all. Also, the day after the Christmas party was always a legit write off.


I’ve booked a few days off but I don’t get enough holidays to have it off and I’ve got two uni deadlines on jan 2nd too so I’m going to be so hectic, which would be fine if I had childcare. Not looking forward to basically no sleep for 2.5 weeks so I can work overnight and then trying to be fun and make Xmas special for M in the daytimes. Would be better if we could go out somewhere in the days but instead its just going to be us sat in the flat whilst I snap and stress over emails coming in that I cant react to until 9pm.

Hard to feel festive for those reasons

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This time last year I was working in Amsterdam. Waking up at 5:30 on Monday mornings to fly out, getting back to Sheffield at gone 11 Friday nights.

This year is a better working and home situation for me

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Thank God I arrived in time to get annual leave for my friend’s wedding and Christmas Eve/Christmas shutdown off unpaid, but in the run up I have no energy to do Christmassy things. After a day or week of thinking and using my head and stressing about work - as well as being totally understimulated by my surroundings and outside of work - I don’t have the mental capacity to play guess what DVDs my dad might want (thankfully our family has Christmas lists because if I had to guess what all of them would want then :skull_and_crossbones: ). I don’t really have decorations but if I did I still would have a fully undecorated room.

I had got myself into good snack habits at my old office - felt seen by people so I didn’t want to be caught eating loads of shit. Now… :no_mouth:

Schiphol Airport maccies had a really good veggie chicken burger though. Miss that Friday treat


I’ve been remote for 2.5 years so miss this time as I go into the head office for a good few days for all the Christmas stuff and to get work done. Think that social stuff is important if don’t really see people throughout the year. Glad I’m not a new starter, it’s them I feel sorry for

Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday where I have a recurring call from 7pm-8:30pm. No thanks!!

I’m normally wfh on Christmas Eve and through Christmas anyway so it doesn’t feel that different. My fam will be coming over in the afternoon/eve so hope everyone will also bunk off.

Working from home at Christmas
I can’t wait to see those spreadsheets


Am furloughed (without pay) after Friday for two weeks. That wasn’t very Christmassy of them

I went for feeling about the same because…

(A) I actually feel a bit more Christmassy because I’m not being so wiped out by the commute this year

(B) while obviously feeling less Christmassy because I’m not seeing all the markets up when I’m on my way home from work, I’m not able to meet up with friends as was becoming a favourite Christmastime tradition (though I suppose there’s Zoom)

So it cancels it out

How is that a thing?


.+ Work life balance has been much better this year. Being able to take half an hour to chill out and watch tv or nip to the shops etc has been very welcome
.- Gets fucking lonely sometimes
.+ Don’t miss that commute
.- Step count on some days hasn’t made it beyond 250. Bedroom to living room, living room to loo, living room to loo, living room to kitchen, living room to bed
.+ Spent loads of time with my lad (given that he basically moved in with me permanently in March) and it’s been 99.9% absolutely fine

Currently trying to work out if my lack of Christmas spirit is due to WFH for 9 months or because Covid. Think probably more the latter.


We’re closed on Christmas eve but am working the days between Christmas and NY, in the deluded hope that I can save my leave for my birthday in March (leave year ends in March). If London is going into tier 3 then I don’t think I’m missing anything. Won’t do much work, though.

‘We’re on the ball…’


I think that’s one of the things I miss - the dead time. Somehow feels like there’s more of a pressure to be productive when WFH?


The joys of contracting for the public sector

Just as much of a greedy Scrooge this year as I am every year.