Working from home at Christmas time

Oh, fuck, and upstairs neighbours are having a room done up literally right above the two workspaces I have access to, for most of this week, which they’ve given us no warning about. It is ear shatteringly loud. Merry fucking Christmas!

I really, really do not miss the commute! Though I used to like the days around Christmas when you were guaranteed a seat on the train (and might even have the luxury of having nobody sit next to you for the journey…)

definitely eating less - fewer boredom snacks than in the office (play boredom guitar or something instead) and not having full sized meals at lunch AND dinner. I mean I guess I could but at home I can have exactly whatever size of meal I want - whereas at the office, if I wanted to do better than a misery sandwich then I’d often end up at the canteen having a proper slab of lasagne or soemthing

You should still be able to be furloughed on 80% pay, I think:

You can claim for employees on any type of employment contract, including full-time, part-time, agency, flexible or zero-hour contracts.

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Hoooooolidays are comin

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I feel a little less Christmassy WFH rather than in the office, but I think that’s mainly due to the lack of non-work socialising.

I’m definitely snacking less though.

Still haven’t got our Christmas decorations up, so everything’s normal at the moment. But when we do I’ll be sitting in Santa’s grotto to do my work through to early January, which I think will be nice up to Christmas, but might be a bit fucking depressing come the 4th Jan. Working on 29th for an hour or so, because our numbers are sooooo important.

Might experiment with trying to do some work with an episode of the Word’s Strongest Man heats on in the background to test the waters.

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I am quite a big fan of office festivities, especially the ad hoc lunches and after work drinks as things wind down. Usually have a good time at the office party too.

However, I cannot face the Zoom Xmas party we have planned for Friday - 150+ people randomly divided up into groups to have a chat and wear the party hats we’ve all received in the post. Just wish we’d accept that this year was a write off socially and do something (hopefully) in 2021.

Not really a snacker but definitely drinking less than I would at this time of year (my lockdown home drinking has been bad - something I address late Nov).

Terry Christian?

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Well it sure as hell wasn’t Lamarr.

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Would love to see him pull a tractor along a dirt track


Mine was (in theory) a 35 min drive… but it was very rarely that. I could pretty much guarantee there would be at least one hefty delay every week. The record for the 25 mile journey was 3½ hours…

christmas in a food depot is hectic. spent most of christmas and new year living like Alan partridge in coventry one year so this is much better for me.

Just put the Christmas music channel on TV to get festive

Currently had Peter Kay singing on a show narrated by Pat Sharp

Turned it off


I’m a sucker for Christmas countdowns on the music channels, but the bad massively outweighs the good these days. Have instead downloaded every single listenable Christmas music video I can think of from Youtube and run them randomly through Plex server on my TV. Also means I don’t have Pat Sharp dressed as Santa in between them.

There just aren’t enough good Christmas songs are there?

Would probably be sharing with other people at work


am off from 18th-4th with one job
working on 24th, 25th, 31st and 1st in other
He giveth, he taketh away

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Put it back on and was redeemed by The Big Reunion

Working from home at Christmas
Oh, I can’t wait to mute those faces
Working from home at Christmas, yea
Well I’m moving down that line
And it’s been so long
But I will be there
I sing this song
To pass the time away
Sitting in my pants
Working from home at Christmas