Working from home (full time)

At the end of the month i’m moving to Glasgow, and will be working at home full time. I’ll have a hot desk in an office I can use a couple of days a week if I want, but about 70% of my time i’ll be working from the home office. Does anyone else on DiS do this?

What i’m getting at is, is this my life from now on?

You’ve started in the right place by posting it, it’ll help keep you motivated.

I avoided working from home for a long time because I ended up feeling a bit claustrophobic by the end of the day. For whatever reason, recently I’ve found that it’s actually quite good to do it once in a while for a change of scenery.

I think i’ll love it for about two weeks, then start to go slightly mad.

Did it for 4 years alongside a part-time job. Developed some very bad habits around separating work life and home life. Went full-time freelance this year and started renting a desk in an office which has done wonders for sanity and balance.

Probably easier to avoid bad habits if you have space at home for a separate room to do your work in; I was still in my early twenties and basically just working in my bedroom, which got bad, sometimes I’d wake up and just start doing my work. On the days you are at home I’d recommend cultivating some kind of routine whereby you leave the house before you start work (exercise/walk/coffee etc) and either leave the house or have some kind of small ritual to mark when you’re done for the day.

IF you can get the balance right, and have an office to use for some of your week, it can be blissful.

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I did it for a while when I was ‘freelancing’/unemployed. I didn’t get on with it at all, but I think my circumstances weren’t conducive to it working out at all.

I didn’t want to be there (I’d rather have been in a job), and I was living in a single room in a shared house, meaning I was sleeping in the same room where I was meant to be working.

It’s takes a lot of self-discipline to make it work, and I’m not sure that I have it.

I would:
Make sure that I have a routine, especially first thing in the morning. Set a time for you to be up, breakfasted, showered, dressed and at your desk, otherwise you will just drift.

Set a plan and a list of goals for every single day, maybe even every half day.

Have your computer in a different room to where you sleep.

Lock out your internet/specific sites while you’re working, and use them as a reward for completed tasks.

Go for a walk or arrange to meet someone for lunch or a coffee - it’s very easy to get cabin fever.

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Yeah, a lot of the (good!) advice in here is how I was planning on approaching it. We’ve got a two bed place specifically so that the second ‘bedroom’ can be my office. Although it might have a sofabed in there for when we have guests, it’s important to me that it feels - both physically and mentally - like an office/work space. Even though it’s in the same house obviously, I don’t want the lines to be blurred between work and home as far as that’s possible. I was adamant about not just working in the living room or similar.

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I had a similar experience but with studying, it would’ve been so much better to make much more use of the library.