Working from home outfits - Staying warm edition

Currently wearing some fingerless gloves that I bought off €5 and over the winter will hopefully allow me to postpone radiator usage a little longer.

Currently sporting:

  • Jeans
  • Normal socks
  • T-shirt
  • Thick Cardigan
  • Blanket wrapped around
  • Blanket on lap

Think we might be reaching that time of the year where I have to dig the thermals out of the cupboard and swap my colourful socks with the thick ski ones.

Farewell summer.

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It’s all about the fleeces I reckon

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Shorts and tshirt for me at the minute

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Fleeces are good for torso, but I hate that feeling when I feel quite warm but my fingers feel like they’re gonna drop off

Dear lord

I am also rocking the fingerless-glove-chic look, along with

  • t-shirt
  • thick hoody
  • jeans
  • two pairs of socks
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My flats only a couple of years old and holds the heat ridiculously well, had the doors open yesterday


Wish I’d joined this club sooner!

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Ah man, yours look snazzier too

Ha was about to say yours look much nicer than mine.

This is now the fingerless glove thread

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It always was really

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Thank you for reminding me that I need to get some fingerless gloves! #fingerlessgloveweek


Dr Mrs Epimer knitted (crocheted? Dunno) me some fingerless gloves. Haven’t busted them out for wfh but they are my “gaming gloves” for playing electric wizards. Got to keep that apm (that’s “actions per minute” for the noobs) up.

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This is my annual reminder to get uniqlo thermals. They are the best! I have one in every thickness level and the thinnest one is good for when you’re at home, under your normal clothes. They are about 15 a piece so not cheap, but very good, the oldest ones i have are about 5 years old and are still in great condition

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At the moment:


When it gets really cold, I’ll start putting jeans on.

Other than that, our house is pretty well insulated, and I work in the box room, so all I need to do is close the door and I keep warm enough during even the coldest days of the year.

(our heating comes on for an hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening if the internal temp drops below 17.5C)

You saucy sod

Beanie wearing is in full effect - annoying when I feel like I need to take it off for on camera calls


Long johns
Fingerless gloves

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