Working From Home Wednesday Thread

Woke up to my friend in New Zealand messaging me to say my episode of Cats Does Countdown was on TV over there, on a main channel at 8.30pm. Incredible! Pervo’s going international.

Housemate and I are planning to go for a walk in the big park in town on my lunch break. Other than that, just general WFH stuff. Just want to go back to sleep.


I have the biggest chin spot.

Got my morning chai with added fresh ginger, and already eaten a bag of chocolate buttons.

I’m day off today, so I’m not WFH, but AH all the same. Need some tinned toms, chickpeas and milk, so will amble into town.

Washings out, hoovered downstairs and done the washing up already. Productive

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Congrats on your international breakthrough!!

Day 3 of working from home. I have no work to do at the moment. It’s going to be a loooooong day.

Listening to Massive Attack.

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Morning Pervo and other daily Dissers

I heard the news this morning that my mum’s probably coming out of hospital at the weekend, which is a bit of good news amongst all the gloom - pretty much my whole Insta feed at the moment is bands cancelling tours. Goldfrapp has been pushed out over a year. I heard that Brighton Festival’s going to be cancelled, and I can’t see The Great Escape going ahead. Still, at least there’s a chance that as and when it’s rescheduled it won’t clash with Squarepusher like it does at the moment.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Making the most of our situation. Fuck it. Going to Angkor Wat tomorrow. Try and get into thailand this weekend then try and fly home from Bangkok next week.


Oooh, that’s a fancy Coke Zero!

Been for a run. Not sure if I’ll leave the flat again today now. Bit of work to do but might dust off the Call of Duty game I haven’t opened since I got it at Christmas.

We’re all working from home except for Mrs CCB :slight_smile:


Son was ill during the night (think it was food poisoning defo not coronavirus) he’s fine now booked today off and I am already off for the rest of the week. Hope work finally sees sense at somepoint this week and stands us down.

There’s always a smart arse in the office.


Is one of you drinking Strongbow at 09:30?

Edit: Respect :fist_right:




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Working from home (bed) even though we haven’t strictly been given the okay to do so. Got a 2pm Skype call with Deloitte so will have to head to a desk then.

Going to go and find coffee and carry on!

Somehow got to convince R to have a video call with his dad later, R is not happy about this :grimacing:

Its my birthday today, weirdest one on record and that includes the one where I spent half of it in hospital.

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I’m in work but only for today. A rota is being set up for next week to make sure there aren’t too many people in the office at once and we have no WFH capabilities so I guess that means I’ll be working a lot less, which leads me to my next point.

CW: death.

It’s all moot though as my GF’s grandfather passed away last night. Waiting on funeral arrangements now and after it all finishes we’ll go to her parents’ house in Kerry to hide for a few days. It’s been a rough few months and her gran still isn’t out of the woods so it’s a pretty awful time to be honest.

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Lol can’t get into Thailand now I don’t think. Completely stuck.