Working From Within Your Home

I mentioned in yesterday’s evening thread that I’d spent the day working from home, but that I hadn’t done no work at all.

In truth I did reply to precisely two emails, with minimal effort, but I spent the rest of the day putting up a shelf in my spare room and designing my new kitchen on the IKEA website.

This is a thread for people to describe in as much detail as they care to, their best piss-take working from home experience. As a benchmark we once fired a contractor on the spot when he claimed to be working from home whilst his IP address indicated he was in Nigeria.


What if he was just protecting sensitive data with a VPN? Though that’s bloody funny if he wasn’t, what a fool

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Played destiny 2 for 8 hours one day


Work on work laptop

Cities Skylines game ticking away on desktop computer - lay out some roads, zone some land, let it build out while I do some work, repeat


Used to Work from home on Monday after wwe ppvs and watch them when I got up. Wrestlemanias a full work day

Always work very hard indeed all day long :no_mouth:


Probably more productive than when I have the sausage dog and spend half the day playing with her


Never heard it …


Tend to start early, check emails, check deadlines, do one (1) big piece of work, mop up a couple of little tasks after that. But then it’s two hour lunch break while keeping an eye on Skype, minimal work other than responding to stuff as it comes in to look like I’m on the ball, and maybe a brief flurry of activity at 4ish when the low level guilt kicks in.

Reckon it just about averages out to the same amount of actual work as when I’m in the office, it’s just that the pissing about is much more efficient.


Regularly get smashed when working away have a lie in and check out as late as possible and class the journey home as my work day

I WFH every day (freelance life yo) so I do a bunch of work because otherwise there would be no work done. Also, I do laundry etc


Always logged onto the work laptop

Regularly have FM on the home laptop.

Two screens, eight hours.

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Makes sod all difference apart from I can put the washing out really.

The nearest of my seniors is 100 miles away so i am just as accountable and contactable whether I am in the office or not.

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Exactly this, but the two hour lunch break usually involves a film.

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Writing a very long email the day before and holding it back in the drafts for tactical release on your WFH day.


I work better from home. I don’t know what it is about offices but I feel ill as soon as I’m in one and have no motivation to work and all I think about it my lunch either how long until i have it or mourning the fact I’ve already eaten it
At home I am quite motivated but in small spurts, so I’ll clean the kitchen then write an article, clean the bathroom then write another. Get way more done and feel better MH wise at the end of it. Once I painted my hall and still did more work than usual.


Oh and obviously the masturbation to work ratio is much higher


had to put a sticker over my work laptop webcam as I’d dial into calls in my pants and the webcam always used to automatically turn on.


i actually hate WFWMOH because there’s always a sort of assumption that you’re aren’t doing as much as you should be. even though if you were in the office you’d probably just be in the kitchen making shite banter with jeff.


Also that’s a bit weird firing that guy. One of my colleagues was working from home but in France at the time but she was still working so what does it matter? If you’re going to be flexible and let staff work remotely then surely the whole point is you’re not tied to a location