Working late thread (rolling)


I’m going to be here until GONE 6!!!

As a non private-sector worker who values my WORK-LIFE BALANCE, this is simply unacceptable.


Gutted mate.

Always leave at 5. Absolutely no exceptions, apart from the 2 or 3 mornings a week when I start at 8.30 and then I’ll leave at 4.30.

I’m not EVEN public-sector!!!


Yup, will be late tonight, not tomorrow or Friday though hopefully.

Then lates all next week (except Wednesday) and possibly in on the Sunday and then done. Hopefully.


The other week I was feeling hard done by for having had such a busy work week that I hadn’t left at my usual time any day that week!!

I didn’t stay past six on any of those days.


Got an event at the bookshop. gonna be here ages :frowning:


If I don’t leave at 5 on the dot (or 4:30 on Friday) I feel life is unfair.


I’m normally in work until 6. But because of a shift-around of childcare arrangements I’m working from home and will be done by 5!!!



I’ll be here a bit late, but partly because I’ve spent too long dicking about.


I’m only just starting my reading for today cause I had loads of lectures. Only about 150 - 200 pages though so should be fine to just be on the internet all night. Just made a coffee, checked my emails etc.

Who else is gonna be about tonight? What should we talk about?


Might leave the office by 6.00pm tonight. That’s an early one for me.