Working your notice

Any good anecdotes?

I got gardening leave one time, was well good. Was working somewhere where the company had promised client deliverables that were literally impossible. Many senior people got fired when both companies realised that it was all a load of crap. All the contractors got instantly given their notice, though I was the only one given gardening leave as part of it. There was no official reason given, but according to one of my colleagues who asked, it was because I was a “trouble maker”.


did you get much gardening done

I’m on day #1 of my notice period. This morning I have:

  • Deleted loads of things off my laptop.
  • Uninstalled loads of things.
  • Organised my leaving drinks, inviting only the people I like.
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Nah, it lined up perfectly with a 3 week holiday which became a 6 week holiday. I was very happy about it all.

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Man I would love some gardening leave right now.

Any suggestions?

Plant perennials in a raised bed

Working your notice or notice you’re working, amiright?


No good anecdotes but the managing partner hauled me into his office and demanded to know why my billable hours had plummeted since handing in my notice (three months, and they wouldn’t shorten it) and I couldn’t think of a polite answer.

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I am telling as many people as I can that I’m working my notice, to set their expectations for what they’re asking me to do.

Grunt work? Fine.
Something that requires thinking? Good luck.

I used to work in a call centre, then went on secondment to another department. On the 2nd to last day of my secondment I got offered another job. They didn’t need me straight away so I had to go back to the call centre for a month. The call centre couldn’t be arsed to bring me properly back up to speed and didn’t want me to build up a case load, so they gave me as close to busy work as you get in a call centre, and stuck me on more or less standard office hours instead of shifts. I could practically feel all the other call centre drones staring daggers at me.


Also took gradually longer lunch breaks over those 3 months, until it was about two and a half hours a day. Then back to the office to read ebook pdfs for the rest of the day.


I’ve only ever quit one job, a Saturday job at WHSmith and I just didn’t turn up one day and called at like 10 to say I wasn’t coming in and wouldn’t be again. no idea if I even had a notice period but yeah. slightly annoying cos I really hated my manager there, guy was a proper dickhead so I was looking forward to telling him this, but then really nice assistant manager answered the phone and sounded really disappointed :frowning:

one guy at my current work got out on gardening leave after handing his notice in and then just telling anyone who’d listen that the management were shit and everyone should leave. he spent the time off playing as many Final Fantasy games as he could before his new job started.

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My cousin has had over a year of gardening leave throughout his career, jammy insurance git.


Mostly moved within the same company (curse their incredible benefits) so working my notice was a bit less final as I still get asked stuff from my old roles. Which is kinda nice, actually.

Only time I have left for another company, my boss took great offense at me leaving. He barely spoke to me in my notice period and didn’t even come in on my last day. Proper weird, that.

I take it you’ve got something lined up?

When I was made redundant several years back, I was made to work my notice period, which had a huge deadline right at the end of it.

Which was nice.

2 hour lunch with 3 pints every day for a month

While working 9-16.00


How longs your notice period?

In my last job I had three months, it was a bit weird because my boss wouldn’t let me tell anyone until a few weeks before I went so that they could have someone else lined up first, which made it really weird as I was essentially lying to people for months. This, combined with remote working and covid happening meant that I think I left without a lot of people realising. My boss noticeably hardened towards me after I handed in my notice, which was disappointing. Becaus I couldn’t go back to the office to hand in equipment because of covid no one even said goodbye. It was all a bad sad really, especially as the job before there were leaving parties and presents and speeches.

we have this a lot. usually the first you hear of someone leaving is when you try and email them and their account has been deleted/has an out of office saying they’ve left.

think it’s because the powers that be like to pretend that we have really good retention rates or whatever the correct term is, which was historically true but hasn’t been for years but if they ignore the leavers, it still is??


I have only had one proper job prior to my current role so only one notice period which was pretty busy finishing up stuff and organising a handover, absolutely hated it.

I did arrange a two week break inbetween jobs which I was looking forward to enjoying without any overhanging dread of work… and then I got a rat infestation in my flat so spent the whole time dealing with that! Was so so shit.

This was one of the reasons for my boss being off with me. She was really proud of the fact that their retention record was really good and people didn’t really leave to go to similar jobs.

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