Workplace Awards

Not real ones that you put on but those bullshit feel good ones like Employee Of The Month. You won any?

I won “King Of The Lunchtime Munchers” back in IBM when my housemate worked in the training department. I was pretty overweight at the time. The certificate was laminated and everything.

I like the fact that someone clicked the link.

“What internet website is that?”


Maybe thought you’d linked to an actual award that you’d won?

Edit: it wasn’t me btw

Most likely to become homecoming Queen

The only award I get from my workplace is the satisfaction of a job well done, in pursuit of the company’s goals and in line with the company values.

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Also the sacks of cash.

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Clicking this in the hope it becomes one of DiS’s most clicked links.


I’m struggling to believe this. Where were you working when you received this award?

Junior High

We have a yearly data analysis competition, I won it in the first year, they alluded to there being some kind of prize but there wasn’t so I’ve never defended my title since

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There are about a dozen employee of the quarter type awards, the prize for which is getting served lunch by the directors of the company. It looks profoundly awkward for all involved and I hope never to win.


Steved do you know who Steves is and do you feel threatened by his name?

been nominated again for the company wide best team award. New team of 3 this time. Been rejected previous 2 years. Lot of the previous team (was bigger team, like 8+) took it very badly.
Kind of wish my managers would stop doing it,I don’t want it and don’t need the indignity of rejection I never asked for

No and no.

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We have these things they call GEMs. It stands for Going the Extra Mile. I’ve had three so far. The last one was when a colleague nominated me after she sent ten adverts through but had the dimensions all the wrong way around. In two and a half hours, on the day of the deadline, I changed them all with nothing wrong. It means an extra £100 in my pay at the end of the month too.

As discussed elsewhere, AMF Bowling Ashford employee of the month for so many consecutive months that they removed the democratic vote to ensure other winners. Galling as it came with a £20 HMV voucher each time.